Your kid dreams of being popular and rich but doesn't know how to and even doesn't want to work?
Train them to develop profitable solutions!


14-17 year adolescents (and their parents) who:

• want to learn how to create profitable, competitive and innovative products, services, solutions for their future business or startup,
• want to become creative and popular among their peers.


• to introduce methods by which adolescents (and their parents) will understand and be able to create profitable, competitive and innovative products and services,
• to provide tools for adolescents, thanks to which they can increase their own value and influence in society through the development of profitable, competitive, innovative solutions, thus making them more prepared / resilient • to the challenges and problems of adult life,
• to occupy the time of young people with positive things and to change the perception of young people in positive and beneficial way for themselves and society.


• In the past, the key areas were agriculture and industry. The pleasure market (paintings, fashion products, etc.) was very small, as only a small proportion of people could buy them. Now is another era. Food, household items, clothing - are sold in an industrial way. Now many people can buy what only the nobility used to buy. As the basic needs of people in this age are increasingly met, everyone begins to look for “food” for the heart and brain, so the pleasure market has grown.
• The brains of modern children, especially those of wealthy parents are "brainwashed" by marketing values. They also do not know how to work. They don’t even dream of working, i.e. even if they were paid a lot of money, they would still not want to work. Kids want to get. Such young people have no idea what life difficulties await them in the future. With the addition of nihilism, a creature with a hypertrophied appetite grows, and it has no way to take the result from life. Such a young person develops an obsession with greatness, a destructive perception of the world emerges, and instead of developing, the young person begins to struggle with the environment around him (her). There is a conflict from the series, "I'm worthy of a Ferrari, but they don't give it to me." Adolescents often commit suicide due to this type of internal conflict.
• The modern value is not the hands, but the brain. Contemporary value among the youth - being known and popular. Mercantile goals are important for parents, and popularity is important for children. Children want to prove that they are worth of something. This trend is encouraged by social networks. It pays to be creative and popular on social networks these days. It is possible to become popular by presenting oneself to the youth community creatively, but not all children are able to do so.

What is the problem and what is the solution?

• Teenagers simply do not have tools to feel smarter and to be able to create something useful, and to make a profit from the market and to satisfy their soul and intellect. There are such tools - we teach these tools during the seminar "Brain Extender", which is designed for teenagers and their parents.
• If you don't want your child to have to work as a regular worker on a conveyor belt in a factory or other low-value and low-paid job in society, and if you want your child to know how to create profitable, competitive, innovative products, services, solutions, startups for the pleasure market, in which there are still many niches or to become famous and popular, we invite you to give your child the opportunity to learn “Strong Thinking Technology” instruments in the seminar “Brain Extender for Teenagers”.


• Adolescents during 1.5 hours lecture will be introduced to 5 short technologies (techniques) from the “Strong Thinking Technology” arsenal that they can use effectively in various areas of their lives to more easily cope with challenges, to win against their stronger peers and even against adults, to earn more money (to see the opportunities) and to have less problems.
• After this introductory lecture, trained in “Strong Thinking Technology” algorithms, when faced with difficulties, teenagers will no longer get lost in difficult situations, but will know how to win in them.
• This knowledge will lay the foundation for the ability to deal with a variety of emerging issues and help to see additional resources on how to make money.
• The adolescent will know methods that will help him (her) to be more confident in his (hers) abilities in the face of problematic situations.


1. The workshop takes place 3 days x 2 - 2.5 hours each day.
2. “Strong Thinking Technology” tools that are introduced during the training:
• Systematic thinking. What is a system? (how the world is made).
• MATCHEM (what the world is made of),
• The "reverse" principle
• Learning to work with stereotypes,
• The "blinding" method,
• Purpose or measure?
3. There's a homework task after the first and second day of training for the purpose to develop the skills of practical use of "Strong Thinking Technology" tools.
• The task every adolescent gets during the seminar: to present a business project and to improve it using "Strong Thinking Technology". During the seminar Mark Lucin gives strong and competitive advices to each teen's project that helps to every teen's project to become competitive in the marketplace.
• When analyzing business projects submitted by teenagers, Mark Lucin evaluates the phenotypological correspondence of each seminar participant's character to the business project submitted / selected by each teenager and gives additional recommendations. (P.S. this is not a complete phenotypological consultation. The phenotypological consultation of Mark Lutsin and Nelli Orlovskaya "Genetic behavior of a child: characteristics, threats, upbringing, field of activity" can be ordered additionally (click here)).


The "Brain Extender" seminar will provide valuable thinking tools that will strengthen the brains of adolescents and their parents, will increase the amount of cortical bends and neuronal compounds, and train the brain itself. Adolescents will be able to quickly and non-standardly develop profitable and competitive products, services, solutions, which will enable young people to become rich and popular in modern society.
- Mark Lutsin -


• introduction to effective "Strong Thinking Technology" techniques,
• increased self-confidence to solve emerging problems,
• ability to see resources on how to make money.


• adolescents and their parents (guardians) will learn the thinking tools that will allow them to quickly create profitable, competitive, innovative products, services, solutions that will enable them to build startups and businesses.
• adolescents will become more prepared for adult life,
• teenagers will have the tools to become creatively popular among their peers,
• the connection between adolescents and their parents will improve,
• teenagers will outperform their peers in their thinking and results and become more competitive in the marketplace.


• seminar venue: online (ZOOM platform),
• duration: 1.5 hours,
• time: 6:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. (UTC /GMT+3 / time in Vilnius, Lithuania),
• language: Russian with translation into English.


• seminar venue: online (ZOOM platform),
• date: the date is adjusted individually with all participants who took part in an introductory lecture,
• duration: 3 days x 2 - 2.5 hours (each day),
• time: 6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. (UTC /GMT+3 / time in Vilnius, Lithuania) (every day),
• language: Russian with translation into English.


Parents' participation in the seminar and learning the tools of "Strong Thinking" with their teenagers after this seminar:
• will allow for parents to help / to support their adolescent children if adolescents' thoughts will "get stuck" in making decisions, and to help to circumvent the limitations of children's thoughts caused by children's lack of life experience,
• will help to support their children to discover additional resources for the implementation of children's invented solutions and also parents will be able to help to implement in practice those solutions invented by their teenagers.

N.B. Copying of the seminar by means of photo, video and audio is prohibited.

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