Does your body show certain signs of health ailments (disorders)? You need to make a responsible decision in life, but don’t know which decision is right? Are you afraid of the unknown? Are you afraid to live boldly and breathe full chest?
Learn to serve your Soul and become healthy, happy and alive!


For people, who:

• who have various health problems and who want to become healthy or to facilitate their stay,
those who do not have health problems but are afraid of developing an “incurable” disease (as a preventive measure),
• who need to make the right choice, but it is not clear which choice is “right”,
• who lack spiritual peace.
• who are afraid to live boldly, to breathe full breasted, who are afraid of the unknown, the crisis, the virus, the panic, the confusion and who need support.


To train seminar participants:

• to connect with their own Soul,
• to hear the needs of their own Soul,
• to be led by the Soul,
• to become healthy, happy and alive.



1. Practical examples of interacting with a Soul (Roman Goldrin’s personal examples and examples of his patients, who in critical situations began to interact with their Soul, made the choice to live (serve) led by the Soul, were able to heal, changed their lives and the way they live now).
2. What is the Soul from the point of view of modern science.
3. Practical exercises and the “how to establish contact with the Soul” algorithm.
a) A conscious choice that I, with my limited logical thinking, cannot find a way out of the labyrinth that I found myself in, so I ask my Soul to help me to show me the way.
b) I agree and am ready to listen to the answers of my Soul and I’ll start immediately trying to take steps in this direction.
c) By transferring attention to sensations, I ask my body to show me reactions to what is suitable and what is not suitable for my Soul.
d) Confirmation of readiness to move along with the Soul, a request for forgiveness for living without a Soul, a promise not to do anything before the answer of the Soul is received.
4. A practice: how and what questions to ask the Soul.
5. What to do if you don’t feel anything?
6. How to be sure that this is the Soul?
7. Practical techniques for maintaining the condition and the ability to be in contact with the Soul and serve the Soul.
8. Answers on questions.
9. List of recommended literature for self-study.


• Each participant is given an individual up to 30 minutes consultation, during which you can be consulted on:
- identification of the psychosomatic causes of bodily ailments and advice on how to become healthy,
- the validation of life / Soul choices when a person does not know which solution is best for him / her.


This seminar is for those who are tired of being afraid, who want to live a healthy, joyful, happy, creative life. For those who realize that in our world without knowing the future, it is practically impossible to make the right choice, and who understand that the Soul speaks through intuition, feelings and energy to a person. For those who want to learn how to die and be born again!
– Roman Goldrin –


Seminar participants will learn how to:

• live easily and joyfully,
• be able to cope with physical and psychological problems,
• maintain your body in optimal health,
• find a way out in the most difficult situations.


• venue: online (ZOOM platform),
• seminar duration: up to 2 hours,
• consultation duration: up to 30 min.
• seminar date & time: set up individually with registered participants,
• seminar language: Russian with simultaneous translation into English (2 separate language channels on ZOOM platform),
• group size: 1 - 7 participants.

N.B. Copying of the seminar by photo, video and audio is prohibited.


“From the quick registration to Roman Goldrin’s seminar “Serve Your Soul”, the price stopped me for a while, but I was determined to participate and the benefits were real! I realized how to relax, I especially enjoyed breathing and “silly behaviour” exercises. I realized that I need rest the most now. I came across Neale Donald Walsh’s book “Conversations with God”, recommended by Roman Goldrin and will read it again. I started writing a blog and for me it’s a real way to communicate with myself. I recommend the seminar to those who are interested in spiritual matters.”

Seminar "I Serve My Soul" announcement with Roman Goldrin

What is the Soul from a perspective of a modern science?

What are the practical benefits of serving to your own Soul?

How to practically serve your own Soul?

Female overweight. Where's the hidden benefit?

Non functioning kidneys, dialysis, numbness of legs


Those who have attended the seminar “Serve your Soul” and feel that they like Roman Goldrin’s ideas and that those ideas help them to live their lives healthier, happier and be alive are invited to attend regular meetings of the like-minded people club “I serve my Soul”, which takes place online at the beginning of each month.

Club meetings will provide:

• emotional and informational support,
• learning of new practices,
• solving of complex problems and situations.

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