Yuri Mikharev

Yuri Mikharev

Results coach


Graduated psychologist, certified coach of St. Petersburg Transsurfing School, developer and host of transformational programs, author of the "Effective Life System" series of programs.

As a teenager, I began to notice that people, both peers and adults, do not communicate with each other effectively, although they use the same words. Watching from the sidelines, I could see what they were trying to say to each other. These were the first times I paid attention to my ability to grasp the essence. And then, when I received a higher education in psychology, I began to apply this quality in my profession.

Higher Education
• Saratov State University (Faculty of Economics),
• International Market Institute (Samara): management (employee motivation).

1995 - 2006 Yuri Mikharev was one of the co-owners of the company "Inkom auto" («Инком авто») (Russia). During one period of its existence, "Inkom auto" entered the list of the seven largest companies selling cars in Russia. The annual turnover of the company amounted to 220,000,000 US dollars.

Yuri always had an inclination towards psychology and was engaged in it.


All I talk about with clients is the results they want and how to achieve them. I help eliminate all the nuances on which the customers who turn to me dissipate their energies, i.e. I help them see the things they don't need and do out of habit. People are influenced by certain patterns, certain thoughts, certain fears. Eliminating these limiting factors and increasing concentration increases the speed of achieving client results.

"Viva persona" has been cooperating with Yuri Mikharev since 2011 and conducted seminars such as "Money Flow According to You", "Reality Management", "Inner Power", "System Break: Awakening", "Natural Intelligence in Business", "The Day That Decides the Year". 24 seminars in total.