Diversional Functional Analysis


In order to optimize the entire business process in order to make work simpler, reduce costs, and make profits more stable, as well as to discover hidden free business resources, a diversional functional business analysis is performed for this purpose and recommendations are made on what to do to strengthen your business's position in the market.

The business owner/manager gets a clear picture of his (hers) business, which, as a rule, the owners/managers do not know exactly, nor do they know all the recognized threats and opportunities. Why don't they know? Because they do not participate in all processes, but work with distorted business management information or its fragments.

The result of the diversional functional analysis is clear, specific, pragmatic recommendations that will increase the competitiveness of the business, thanks to which it will be possible to strengthen the position of your business in the market. Or sell it in time, if business prospects are hopeless.


Since 1993 N. Orlovskaya, together with the author of phenotypology, Mark Lutsin, advises business and political organizations on issues of diversion, security and innovative solutions.

N. Orlovskaya is also a TRIZ expert (TRIZ - the theory of inventive problem solving).

N. Orlovskaya conducts the seminars "Functional diversional analysis", "Security in the field of personnel" and, together with M. Lutsin, the seminar "Without a mask: an advantage in sales", during which she teaches techniques of influencing clients.

Specifics of work in the consulting business with M. Lutsin: during a business audit - to help solve organizational, marketing, technical and personnel-related tasks (e.g. how to stop thefts in companies, how to stop intrigues, how to stop conflicts between departments, how to gracefully fire a person, etc. Work that requires innovative solutions every time.).

"Let's say you notice that the number of employees in the company is increasing, while the efficiency and effectiveness of operations are decreasing? Perhaps you have a feeling that earlier fewer personnel performed the same amount of work? In our opinion, these are the first signs of a crisis in the management system. In such a situation, it is appropriate to reorganize all the management system of production or its separate sections or business processes. Any production or business system, regardless of the sphere of activity or the scale of the company, consists of individual elements - business processes that must contribute to the implementation of strategic goals. As the company develops, the processes in it undergo changes, but often they are not described anywhere, which prevents the analysis of processes to improve them."
- Nelli Orlovskaya -


• the stability of the organizational, technological and technical structure of the entire system, the quality of key functional relationships,
• the so-called "health level" of the system and its strengths and weaknesses, additional invisible resources,
• compliance of key persons of the system with their functional duties, obvious and hidden, conscious and unconscious "saboteurs" and "rebels",
• real and loyal employees.


• novelty and realism of information about the company's condition,
• highlighting the problematic root, the solution of which can reduce the problematic nature of others,
• awareness of bottlenecks and cause-effect relationships,
• creation of an optimal interaction scheme of all functional key nodes of the system,
• determination of optimization methods and priorities based on the obtained assessment and prepared recommendations,
• obtain a multifaceted assessment of the human potential structure of the entire system.

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February26, 2024


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