1. Losing time & money because of misidentifying employees?
2. Are you choosing a life or business partner and want to know in advance what will be the scenario of your relationship?
3. Not sure which activities and professions are appropriate for your character and are commercially rational?
4. Want to learn about your children's natural talents and how to develop them into active, hard-working and successful people in society?

Phenotypology is a technology that is designed to identify a human character based on his (hers) external genetic traits. Thanks to Mr. Mark Lutsin's Phenotypology you will be able to identify a person's character features and qualities that neither him (her) nor his (hers) closest ones are aware of & start using their abilities in the most effective way.

Phenotypology is effectively used 1) for personnel recruitment & auditing, 2) for the selection of a commercially rational field of activity for adults and adolescents, 3) for business & personal partners compatibility analysis, 4) for kids character development, 5) etc.

Health & Soul Therapy

1. Are you tired of long lasting tormenting pain in your body & want to get rid of it?
2. Want to experience "here and now" moments of happiness and live in harmony with the needs of your Soul?

Soul therapy is 1) a synthesis of practical methods of psychosomatics and various areas of psychology, which are based on long-term research and have proven their effectiveness through practical application on different people, 2) more than 30 years of Roman Goldrin's experience working with people and 3) his unique personal properties of extrasensory feeling - all of this is designed to restore energy, health and emotional states of a person.

Soul (according to R. Goldrin, Soul is the sensing part of the brain) therapy identifies the psychosomatic causes of ailments and diseases, and following R. Goldrin's advice on how to deal with oneself so that the symptoms of the disease are gone, a person can become completely healthy (if (s)he really wants it), and ultimately enjoy life, experience moments of happiness while being in his (hers) own body.

According to R. Goldrin, “The body of a healthy Soul is healthy.”


1. How to learn to orient yourself on the path of your life through the signs of your “book of life”?
2. How to cancel negative events in advance or mitigate their effects, and how to materialize the desired but "dormant" events in your life?
3. How to fill your body with energy and transfer your brain to a “flow-time” state and experience “effortless life” states?

RhythmoMethod 7P0 (Rhythmology) is a unique method developed by Mrs. Evdokia D. Luchezarnova, which allows to solve life and business problems very effectively, especially when other methods no longer help.

There is normal life in space and there is life in time. Time is inhabited by the signs by which (wo)man lives in his (hers) trajectory, i.e. in time, the human body is healthy and energetic, the brain is clean and active, the activity (business) is successful, and life is filled with a sense of happiness.

“Viva persona” collaborates with one of the most professional Rhythmology experts Mrs. Irina Kolarzh.

Strong Thinking Technology

1. Are you lack of profitable, competitive & brave business solutions?
2. Want to discover or build profitable business niches?
3. Thinking about business development and need profitable products, services, new business niche ideas that don’t even exist in the market right now?

Profitable innovation is one of the main guarantees for the growth of modern business.

Mark Lutsin's "Strong Thinking Technology" is an algorithmic thinking tool that makes the process of searching for competitive and profitable innovations and exclusivity by creating products and services that do not yet exist in the market exceptional and highly efficient.

“Strong Thinking” is a technology that can help you strengthen your business position.

Recovery of Personal Power

1. Are you looking for power to realize your goals and potential?
2. Do you want to create a culture of effective interaction between employees and increase efficiency in the company?

Most of the time, people look for strength and power when they encounter some events that are contrary to their plans, i.e., when a person is hindered by the “universe”, certain events, or people, i.e., when something goes wrong. A person plans one thing, but the opposite results are obtained.

Most people do not even suspect what a huge charge of strength and power they have, because it is covered with hundreds of layers of their own thoughts about the world, their fears, certain perceptions and everything that has nothing to do with the real world, however, for the person himself/herself it is the basis, through which he/she evaluates life.

When a person has a challenge worthy of his/hers potential, the question arises of where to get the strength to realize it. Dissatisfaction with current results in business and personal life is a great moment to get to know your strength that is naturally in each of us; to understand what is holding you back from your own power; what needs to be done to take your power into your own hands, i.e., so it begins to work for you.

Where to start? First of all, it is worth looking at what a person spends his/her strength on and how much of it he/she does have left.

Diversional functional analysis

1. Want to optimize your business processes, experience lower costs, discover hidden resources, and make more profit?
2. Are you looking to strengthen your business position in the market?

In order to optimize the entire business process to make work simpler, reduce costs and make profits more stable, and discover hidden free business resources, a diverse functional business analysis is performed and recommendations are given on how to strengthen your business in the market.

A business owner / CEO gets a clear picture of their business that, as a rule, owners / CEO's never know exactly, as they do not know all the hidden threats and opportunities. Why don't they know? Because they are not involved in all processes, but work with distorted business management information or fragments of it.

The result of the diversional functional analysis is clear, specific, pragmatic recommendations that will increase the competitiveness of the business, thanks to which it will be possible to strengthen business position in the market. Or sell it on time if the business prospects are hopeless.

Miraculous Pearls of Knowledge for Eve

1. Are you an active woman and want to get even more out of your life?
2. Want to have a wise mentor whose advice would make you even more successful in your business and personal life?

Nelli Orlovskaya - diversion analyst, co-author of Phenotypology, business consultant, great-grandmother who since 2020 during the program cycle “Miraculous Pearls of Knowledge for Eve” shares unique methodologies and her many years of experience for women in topics that are actual in personal and professional life such as how to use instruments of masculine thinking, how to use certain elements of a woman’s physiology, how to shape a voice and character to become more influential, how to highlight woman's charisma, how to educate children effectively, and many other topics.

After Nelli’s workshops, many women lose the fear that there is no way out, that nothing can be done anymore. There is always something women can do if they think and deal with the issues properly, and if they do, they usually get a super effect.