RhythmoMethod 7P0


RhythmoMethod 7P0 (Rhythmology) is a unique method developed by Mrs. Evdokia D. Luchezarnova, which allows to solve life and business problems very effectively, especially when other methods no longer help.

There is normal life in space and there is life in time. Time is inhabited by the signs by which (wo)man lives in his (hers) trajectory, i.e. in time, the human body is healthy and energetic, the brain is clean and active, the activity (business) is successful, and life is filled with a sense of happiness.

“Viva persona” collaborates with one of the most professional Rhythmology experts Mrs. Irina Kolarzh.

RhythmoMethod 7P0 EDLM (Rhythmology) - is the science about TIME. RhythmoMethod 7P0 is a method of working with time that allows you to speed up, extend, slow down time, and also move in time to the past and the future. The author of the method is Evdokia D. Luchezarnova (Marchenko) (Russia), who devoted her whole life to the research of human possibilities to work with time.



Evdokia D. Luchezarnova (Marchenko) is an astronomer, a writer, who has been engaged in the research of the fourth dimension - time and its impact on wo|man - for more than 25 years. For this purpose, she organized and implemented expeditions to the North and South Poles, as well as several expeditions around the world: along the equator and along the meridians. Thanks to the accumulated experience and the obtained results, E.D. Luchezarnova created a method of working with time - RhythmoMethod 7P0 and a new field of knowledge - Rhythmology.

During more than 25 years of work, more than 400 books and monographs were published in this direction, and a new form of the genre - Rhythm - was also created. It is a text organized in a special way with interpenetrating syntactic and semantic constructions, which allows the text to become voluminous and ambiguous. Evdokia D. Luchezarnova's work is characterized by destroying stereotypes. And the imagery of the language, the aphorism of the literary thought and the paradoxicality distinguish it from the usual categories.

There are about 100,000 readers of Evdokia D. Luchezarnova's books and listeners of lectures in the world, more than 1000 meetings and conferences have been held.

"A person who has read the rhythm acquires a higher speed than those around him and he manages to do much more, his life becomes more concentrated and richer..."
- Evdokija D. Luchezarnova (Marchenko) -
(from the book «Звёздные ритмы времени»)



Irina Kolarzh – candidate of economic science, her area of interest – management and governance theories. Irina has publications on topics “Rhythmological approach in management decisions”, “Time as an object of the science".


She works as a rhythmologist (consultant) since 2006 and has a big experience leading seminars in Russia, Ukraine, Kazachstan, Byelorussia, Turkey, Lithuania and other countries. Her live work with large audiences, work in leading webinars and individual consultations is counted to be more than 36500 hours.

Irina Kolarzh and "Viva persona" have been cooperating since 2014 organizing Rhythmology seminars and consultations.

"If you take the rhythm out of the event, the event dies. If you bring rhythm to an event, the event begins to thrive. This is the basis of the RhythmoMethod.
- Evdokia D. Luchezarnova (Marchenko) -
(from the book «Живой ритм»)


Rhythmology is not science in its pure form. Neither is religion or art. Rhythmology is a synthesis of all human knowledge and is located between philosophy, which explains the structure of the surrounding world, and psychology, which explains the motives of a specific rationally thinking individual's behavior. It is a science of the third millennium, which, thanks to the system of signs, allows us to get to the primordial rhythms of everything and explains their operation. This method reveals one hundred percent the brain program of every person, regardless of their age or education.

Rhythmology allows us to see the thread of time that binds all existing events and destinies, objects and images of people. It also allows you to learn the system of signs - to understand what is happening specifically at the moment with a specific person and where it will lead even before these events occur in material reality. This thread of light from the perspective of time allows you to regulate the events taking place in space and adjust the destinies of people from the perspective of time.

The essential task of Rhythmology is to help a person read and structure his (hers) life, as a result of which it becomes possible to understand the obvious regularities revealed during such analysis and "self-assembly" and to learn to predict what will happen in the future, based on the observation of current events. Rhythmology is your ability to observe events, organize them into a logical chain, and most importantly, control them.

"Any rhythm can be entered into any event you want and that event will happen. Rhythm can be removed from any event, and that event will not happen again.”
- Evdokija D. Luchezarnova (Marchenko) -
(from the book «Живой ритм»)

Components of the method - Rhythm, Rhythmics, Rhythmology.

Rhythmology tells a person about himself (herself) as a container of time and shows how to live and work with himself (herself) inside and on the border with himself (herself) and the world around him (her). Rhythmology makes life more beautiful by filling it with a wonderful factor of additional degrees of freedom. Freedom in time is the most unique freedom of all the declared freedoms that exist.

Rhythm is time formalized as a contour of space, knowledge, memory, energy and information, i.e. like a shell of all the "neighbors" around us. Imagine an apple, with a center and matter around it. Either event looks exactly the same. At the heart of any event is the rhythm that creates it. When there is a rhythm, there is an event. To form the desired event, you just need to choose the right rhythm (more than 12,000 rhythms have been written).

Rhythmics - allows you to create events.

Rhythmology allows you to eliminate unnecessary events. Rhythmics allows you to create events. All this happens thanks to Rhythm. After reading a Rhythm, it gives pleasure. Its task is to transmit energy and information.
- Evdokia D. Luchezarnova -

One thing is clear, that time lives in wo|man and wo|man is able to record time. Obviously, the hardest thing for a person is to find out what lives inside him (her), but once he (she) finds out, it becomes easy for him (her) to live.

When you come to me, you receive new time resources with which you travel to your previous life. Your brain becomes refreshed, recharged and light. Rhythms in living books help you stay in time.
- Evdokia D. Luchezarnova -


In order to define one's place in space, each person needs their own home, and such homes for living in time are called personal coordinates.

There are 3 types of coordinates:
1. Coordinates for life in time in our usual "World", i.e. in energy and information - "Key coordinates",
2. Coordinates for life in "Light", i.e. in space and time - "Radial coordinates",
3. Coordinates for life in time in the "Ray", i.e. in knowledge and memory - "Main coordinates".

To place a person in all three worlds ("World", "Light" and "Ray"), so that any person could use his (hers) "coordinates", using the possibilities of the Russian language, Evdokia D. Luchezarnova, the author of RhythmoMethod 7P0, transferred the "coordinates" through time.

The first key to your house in time is "Key coordinates".

The first key and the first coordinate are for unlocking the outside world (the entire environment that surrounds us) and is called the "Matrix".
• The world is made up of different proportions of energy and information. Time in it is fixed by movement, and the main constant of matter is the body as a vehicle for the brain. The movement of the body through the planet also requires transport. The movement of the body and the movement of elements in the body can be regulated by having a personal coordinate "Matrix".
• Mastering the "Matrix" helps everyone decide on comfortable body parameters, i.e. something that will provide pleasure, comfort and guarantee a person excellent health.

The first key and the first coordinate are for unlocking the outside world (the entire environment that surrounds us) and is called the "Matrix".
• The world is made up of different proportions of energy and information. Time in it is fixed by movement, and the main constant of matter is the body as a vehicle for the brain. The movement of the body through the planet also requires transport. The movement of the body and the movement of elements in the body can be regulated by having a personal coordinate "Matrix".
• Mastering the "Matrix" helps everyone decide on comfortable body parameters, i.e. something that will provide pleasure, comfort and guarantee a person excellent health.

The second key, i.e. the second coordinate is called "Secret name" and is intended for the internal environment, i.e. own consciousness and subconsciousness, own psyche, evaluation, analysis and perception of the surrounding world.
• The "Secret name" coordinate allows you to direct the dialogue in any direction. Information is made up of words and sounds, and it creates all relationships between people. In this world, you are recognized by your name tag, which is used by everyone, regardless of your opinion. With the coordinate "Secret name" you get a personal code that allows you to properly open and close your personal information, and this coordinate also allows your name to appear correctly in general information.
• If you need a strong mind, a sharp word, a strict personal position, the need to solve big issues, or if you need to be more blunt, become more flexible, cover up the situation, and perhaps create the impression that you are unaware, thanks to the substance of the coordinate "Secret Name" you will be able to properly adjust your relationships with those around you, being the way you need to be, if you want to achieve the result you need.
• Mastering the "Secret name" coordinate helps to highlight your unique characteristics in communication and allows you to create effective relationships and be a successful, pleasant and interesting person.

The key coordinate "Matrix" helps to provide the body with health, and the coordinate "Secret name" - the ease of communication on all levels and allows you to manage your life from time using the RhythmoMethod 7P0.
The key coordinates the "Matrix" and the "Secret Name" are the main keys to access time as the fourth dimension.
If you have decided that it is time for you to live in time, it means that it is time to buy a home in it!
- Evdokia D. Luchezarnova -

In order to properly use "Key coordinates", you need to prepare properly, i.e. participate in the "Key Coordinates" program.

Objectives of the "Key Coordinates" program:
• explore your starting position: what it means to be healthy and wise,
• experience new forms of wellness and body strengthening,
• improve your communication skills,
• master the instruments of Rhythmology, allowing to improve health and attractiveness.
• creating your own Rhythmological Development program.

P.S. For effective learning in the "Key Coordinates" program, it is recommended (it is not necessary) to master the "Rhythmology for Everyone" course. After the "Key Coordinates" program, you will receive a "Key Coordinates" feel and a certificate. The coordinates themselves are given out at "Radast" events or at other meetings with the Author of RhythmoMethod 7P0, Evdokia D. Luchezarnova.

The second key to your house in time is "Radial coordinates".

The second key to your house in time is "Radial coordinates".
• In order to receive these coordinates, it is necessary to participate in the program "Radial coordinates"
• This program allows you to get your personal "Radial coordinates" - "Obraz", "Oblik", "Lobr" and "Robl".
• After receiving and mastering "Radial coordinates", a person confidently orients himself (herself) in time, is able to move independently in time and create the threads of signs necessary for him (her).
• The "Obraz" coordinate orients the body towards health, exchange, money, energy.
• The coordinate "Oblik" provides the pursuit of the name with fame, notoriety, and prestige.
• The coordinates "Lobr" and "Robl" are responsible for the Ego-I and the Essence and shape the position of a person within Rhythm Time.
• With these coordinates, life becomes easy and pleasant!

To participate in the "Radial Coordinates" program, it is necessary to participate in the "Key Coordinates" program or have "Key Coordinates". After the training, you will get a "Feeling of Radial Coordinates". The "Coordinates" themselves are obtained at "Radast" events or at other meetings with the Author of RhythmoMethod 7P0, Evdokia D. Luchezarnova.

Time guide, i.e. the book "The Key has passed to the Beam" is issued to each participant during the program.

The third key to your house in time - "Main coordinates"

• In order to receive these coordinates, it is necessary to participate in the "Main coordinates" program.
• The program gives you the right to receive your personal "Main coordinates", i.e. "Radasteja", "Stradasteja" and "Zituord".
• "Main coordinates" orient a person in the "Radial Universe".
• In order to participate in this program, you must have participated in the programs "Key Coordinates" and "Radial Coordinates" and in a program "Rhythm of Return". After the training program, you will get a Feeling of the "Main Coordinates", and the coordinates themselves - at the "Radast" event or meeting with the "Main Ray".
• The book "Luchioz" is issued to each participant during the program.


A series of "Rhythmomeasures" programs

"Rhythmomeasures" is a series of books and programs dedicated to life topics that excite many. The uniqueness of these books and programs lies in the fact that the author not only gives an original interpretation of such concepts as good and evil, death and immortality, betrayal and theft, health, human relations, rudeness and stupidity, hurt and fear, money, etc., but readers and program participants are simultaneously given the opportunity to correct their lives, i.e. the correction of those anomalous zones created by both the person himself and his environment. Practical methods for working with the above topics will help you save your precious time and not waste it on problems.

"The very word "death" («смерть») means "meter" («мера» ("measure")): a measure of time that is intended for some being..."

Programų iš serijos „Ritmopriemonė“ temos:

• A dream. Wise advice.
• Elimination of theft. Property.
• Energy compatibility. Energy core.
• Greed and super greed. Protection.
• Love. Enjoyment.
• Eliminating lies. Cleanliness.
• Immortality. The core of space.
• Star food. Stardom.
• Hello. Health.
• Zodiac signs. Power.
• What should be the master of Rhythmology. The core of time.
• Information exchange. Information core.
• Liberation from stupidity and rudeness. Capacity.
• Perception of good and evil. Loyalty.
• Consciousness absorption. Core of perception.
• Russians. Marked links.
• Recognizing revenge and flattery. Diligence and durability.
• Defeating betrayal. Ability to learn.
• Profiting from fear. Emptiness.
• Dissolving grievances. Joy of life.
• Mastering the subconscious mind. The core of feelings.
• Money. Equivalent.
• Anomalous zones. Complexity.
• What is the purpose of studying the world. The core of time.
• Fatigue removal. The nucleus of the family. Perfection.
• Influence of nationality. The core of life.
• State structure. Workability.
• Given age. Compliance.
• Exclusion of jealousy. Wisdom.
• Destruction of stress. Radasticity.
• Elimination of enemies. Radiance.
• Removal of enchantment. Rhythmology.
• Unviewing. Enlightenment.

Program series "Nothing happens by chance"

• Starlight in a can" or "I am a can of the sun";
• Brand book of life;
• Event as it is;
• Fate and Karma;
• Parents. Beginning - birth;
• I am an earthling;
• I am a person;
• Primary feelings;
• Body – Self – Name;
• Earth and humanity. Energy and Information;
• Space and time;
• Life bar.


"It was a difficult time for me, so I went everywhere I could think of: seminars, practices, lectures, etc., so as not to sit at home and suffer. RhythmoMethod 7P0 was one of those events that I visited in 2014. I really didn't understand anything about how it works and what it is, but at that time I had the same idea of where to go, so I came to the first seminar, invited by Giedrius, the awareness seller of Viva Persona. It was a seminar on "Growing Strings", but I don't remember if it was about improving male-female relationships or improving relationships with parents. I remember that I didn't understand anything about what we were doing there for those two days, but during the week, all kinds of unusual events happened and I needed a rhythmologist's consultation to read the "sign" circumstances, i.e. what life is saying to me through my external environment and new circumstances. So slowly, doubtingly, I began to practice the methodology of Rhythmology.
While practicing the RhythmoMethod, I was accompanied by doubts for a long time and I broadcast all this non-stop to everyone who was somehow related to it: Giedrius, rhythmologist Irina, other people who practiced the RhythmoMethod with me at the time. I felt like I was putting a lot of time and work into the method and nothing was changing! At the time, I lacked the wisdom to realize that if I'm tense and waiting for a specific outcome and "know" how the environment "must" change for me to be okay, then the Universe is just waiting for me to relax so it can bring me on my trajectory. We don't know what's best for us, but we think we know better than anyone.
So, I attended a seminar, then I worked according to the rhythmologist's recommendations: I read 10 rhythms a day, I learned certain practices that allow a person to erase problems from the field of thoughts, and at the same time, in the long run, from life and to "attract" the things a person wants. I participated in programs from the "Rhythomeasures" series, such as "Love. Pleasure", "Dissolving grievances. Joy of life", "Hello. Health", "Money. Equivalent" and so on. I bought some books, read them, bought online programs, learned to watch the signs. They showed problematic aspects of my personality and led me to other programs and consultations. All this, as I mentioned, was surrounded by all kinds of doubts and contradictions, and I was also ready to give up many times. Constant doubts began that this is nonsense! Maybe this is a sect? A way to make money from concessionaires. I put a lot of effort and I so no changes, etc. However, after a while I started working with myself with the help of the method, because I realized that doing something is better than doing nothing. And I did it almost every day. And one day I decided to go to the Rhythmology Center to get "Coordinates". I kept buying new books so that I could practice on my own, I again bought online programs "Rhythmomeasures": "The elimination of lies. Cleanliness", "Exclusion of jealousy. Wisdom", "Liberation from rudeness and stupidity. Capacity", "Information exchange. Information core", "Energetic compatibility. Energy core". And then I decided to stop and stop using the method, to give up everything, because the result did not satisfy me.
That's why I didn't do anything anymore, I just read the "Coordinates" every day and read the rhythms sometimes. I relaxed, I no longer waited or expected anything. I lived and that's it. And that's when the most obvious changes began. The hard work of applying the method and improving myself was already great, I just needed to relax and let the "Universe" continue to take care of me. Then came the realization of how great positive changes have taken place in my life during that time in all areas - relationships, money, health.
I am currently continuing, practicing, because I am finally interested in it, because I realize what a great positive change this method brings! A couple of weeks ago (in 2018) I visited the Rhythmology Center for the second time, I went through 3 programs "Core of Power", "Correction of Coming to Earth", "Wise Hours". I would say that this is the first time that I already realize that it is not mysticism, that it really works and I am starting to understand something about it and use it wisely.
So, my life has changed. The relationship with my husband has finally become good (we had already decided to divorce), the relationship with my mother has improved, I earn more. I worked a lot on myself and my qualities that hindered change, I became wiser. I was able to help my daughter solve a difficult situation. She was very lonely for a long time and survived because of it. I gave her a 10 hour consultation with a personal rhythmologist - she already has a boyfriend in her life and everything is fine. In addition to what I have already described (relationship with my husband, mother, money), I improved my Russian significantly, I got out of depression, and I am happy at the moment. I met interesting, smart people. I live an interesting life!
I met interesting, smart people. I live an interesting life!
What would I recommend to those interested in trying Rhythmomethod? Experiment: read 10 rhythms (special texts) a day for a month. Definitely 10, no less, because it involves 10 areas of the brain. More is possible, less is not, if you want to feel the result. Just read and watch what will happen in your life. Well, if it starts happening so much that you don't know what to do now, then contact Giedrius Švetkauskas, the awareness seller of "Viva persona" - he will advise you or refer you to a rhythmologist. By the way, as a rule, men need to wait longer for the result or changes than women. Men need to be patient.
I would recommend this method to those who have concerns and don't know how to solve them, and who are willing to work consistently in that direction - 100% yes!"



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