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• corporate events, team buildings,
• private parties/private birthdays,
• educational institutions,
• bachelor & bachelorette parties,
• private persons, couples, families.


• to help people to understand much better their own inborn character traits, which are expressed in their own physiology (as face traits);
• to emphasize personality's uniqueness, to remove complexes (because of "I'm different"), to help to become more aware about oneself;
• to acquaint with other people's (which are in the sphere of interest) inborn characters and to advise how to behave with them in order to lower the level of conflicts (for company collectives, for couples, for families) or to achieve desired result in communication with them.


• at the beginning of the show there's a short introduction about Phenotypology and about it's author Mr. Mark Lutsin and how and why Phenotypology works by identifying a human character based on genetically determined external traits expressed in a person's physiology,
• then there's an introduction of some (10 - 15) traits identified by Phenotypology and a detail explanation of those traits (without identification of them in a head and body area). When a specific trait has been explained – participants of an event who have that trait are identified,
• after the general part, each participant gets his / hers own precise Phenotypological characterization – privately or publicly (depends on a choice of that person),
• event is conducted by Giedrius Svetkauskas, Mark Lutsin's representative & seminar seller at "Viva persona".

N.B. Mark Lucin's Phenotypology is not being taught during this event - Giedrius Svetkauskas describes characters of participants very accurately, but he doesn't tell from which facial areas those traits are identified. Phenotypology could be learned in Mark Lucin's seminar "Human Phenotype in Business", organized by "Viva persona".


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"Mark Lutsin's Phenotypology – modern unique know-how technology. It allows to identify a person's character features and qualities that neither him, nor his closest ones are aware of in only seconds after first meeting.
I invite you to get a scientific explanation of your character's inborn traits and to have a great time while finding out interesting details about oneself and about people that surround you."
– Giedrius Svetkauskas –


• you will understand yourself, your colleagues and your relatives (if you'll show their pictures) much better – claims towards yourself and towards others because of your own and theirs "imperfection" will disappear,
• you will have a great time.

Cognitive entertainment "Phenotypology: Read my character" for corporate and private events


• duration: 1-3 hours,
• group size: 2 - 100 participants (inquire for a tailor-made scenario),
• languages: English, Russian, Lithuanian.

awareness seller about Mark Lutsin's Phenotypology on Power Hit Radio

Interview with Mark Lucin about Phenotypology


• We invited Giedrius to our company's 20-th anniversary. An idea was to have a festive breakfast with him and to talk about "What our faces are telling about?". Giedrius became an excellent moderator! Morning coffee with croissants and a session with our faces' analysis in a surrounding of a beautiful nature has left an impression of a VERY DIFFERENT fest. We had a hearty talk and a lot of fun in a discussion with Giedrius when he was telling insights about our teams' characters – atmosphere was cosy, interesting and unique! Giedrius seminar "What does your face tell about you?" is very informative entertainment and I believe it will arise great natural emotions a lot of new information for any type of event!" Greta, "Spine treatment centre of J. Girskis"

• Giedrius opened eyes for my colleagues about me and where I'm best at in business sphere – how to get maximum profit while "exploiting" my inborn traits! Plus he did find great assistant to me which in reality exceeded all expectations. It costed not much. It could cost much more time, nerves, finances. But I knew Giedrius! And I asked him for his consultation. In business you have to sell yourself to convince others. Giedrius did it very properly. I saw amazed eyes of my business partners with they jaws opened off. They were impressed and asked "Ok! What should we do!?" Ignas

• During our newly established sports' organization event Giedrius helped us to divide up our duties according to our inborn character traits by mentioning individually to every member his strong and weak traits for particular tasks and how to get maximum outcome. It was fun! Ignas

• Our companies employees liked a lot an event "What does you face tell about you?" conducted by Giedrius! Everybody wanted to talk to him. A lot of discussions arose weather predictions were right. It was fun! Simonas

• The time spent with Giedrius was unique and useful! We had an ability to get to know oneselves anew and to get acquainted much better with colleagues. Such knowledge for our newly formed collective was very interesting and useful. When Giedrius told about my own character I had a very strange and sometimes fearsome feeling – how could a person simply looking at my face tell me so accurate details about my character that only I knew myself and some of my relatives. This event was very unique experience which definitely will help for our team to divide up our responsibilities according to our inborn characters' abilities. It's also great to know people I'm working with much better. Honestly I say big thank you to Giedrius for such an experience and useful knowledge! Inga

• I was preparing to my 30-th birthday party event and I thought of adding some coaching (topic of interpersonal relations) elements to it so everybody would be engaged and interested. Why? My friends are almost similar age, we have young families, we are making careers and facing different situations in communication with others in our everyday lives. So I chose Giedrius' event "What does your face tell about you?" After a dinner Giedrius draw everybody's attention to himself. During a lecture he gave us our detailed character descriptions, we also found out interesting details about our personal partners and friends – it was explained with clear reason and with substantiation. My birthday party guests got answers about themselves and their relatives and they were amazed by the accuracy of those descriptions. This lecture took longer then it was planned because everybody wanted to get more information about themselves and about their partners and were asking for it. After my birthday party I heard many compliments because it was very original and everybody liked it! Mantas

• We were organizing our companies summer teambuilding event and we were looking for an interesting entertainment to fill the scenario. One of suggested elements was a lecture "What does your face tell about you?"
There were many sceptics during the day of our summer event. But when Giedrius arrived and started his lecture, the audience around him started to increase! He started at 4 P.M. and finished analysis of our international team members after midnight – he told almost to everybody (100 people took part in it) about their inborn character traits.
Everybody was excited & it was very interesting to listen! Reda, "Vinted"

• I liked the seminar! It was very interesting to find out about myself and about colleagues. The specialist is very charismatic himself – it was interesting to listen to him. Hope we'll have much more such great seminars! Thank you! Ana

• My feedback is very positive – I liked it a lot! It's a pity the time was so short – I wanted more! So, I had a great time, it hooked my attention for sure and now I want even more to expand my horizon in personal development. Giedrius conducted an event in a nice manner, clearly and playfully. He explained everything very comprehensibly. It stimulates my interest to expand awareness in various self-development knowledge, systems, technologies. I'm very happy I took part in this "face-reading" event! Ingrida

• I liked the show – it was great! Still it's very strange that only a human face could reveal huge quantity of information about a person. When Giedrius described my character it seemed that he knew me better than my friends who seemed to know me very well. Asta

• It was very interesting and pleasant meeting. Each trait about me was described with almost 100 % accuracy. I'm thinking to have a personal meeting with Giedrius including my family members! R & D

• Giedrius tells a lot of truth – he is a high class Phenotypology specialist. I was surprised and amazed by his insights (about me), his simple communication manner and his fast reaction. He creates very cosy atmosphere. It was a pleasure to participate in an event "What does your face tell about you?"! Vida

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    Giedrius Svetkauskas
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