Do you lack love in your life?
Create an event "Pleasure", experience harmony in relationships with loved ones and experience more love!


For people who say (or think):

• I do not succeed in love,
• I can't meet a loved one in any way,
• Love gave me a lot of pain,
• There's no love,
• Love is not for a long time.

That is how people who have not yet learned to love and be loved speak. The lack of love arises only because of ignorance and inability to love.


To help the participants of Rhythmomeasure:

• to experience the state of self-love in communicating with people,
• to experience the state of enjoyment of life and fill events with joy and harmony,
• to experience harmony in relationships with loved ones, and to fill relationships with family members and relatives with love and mutual understanding,
• to give an opportunity to direct own life in the direction of love and happiness.

During Rithmomeasure "Love. Pleasure" you will find out, that there are three stages of experiencing of this feeling:

• Every person chooses what he wants to experience: to be loved, to love somebody, or to know love as such. Most importantly, he must be able to move on to the next stage in time and do not take too long in the previous stage.
• Those who are unaware of these three stages of love will certainly suffer, will necessarily suffer pain. All these three stages of love need to be known.
• With the help of a Rhythmomeasure, you will determine which stage you are currently in and if necessary, you will switch to the next phase of cognition of your love through rhythm adjustment.


It is said that human desires are infinite and many problems are simply not solved. The pain of betrayal, the constant lie, the constant struggle of good and evil … How often do we have to face the fact and say “Human factor, such is life ...".

Rithmomeasures is 31 solved problem and 31 fulfilled desire, thanks to just three steps:

• highlighting of the causes of the problem and obstacles to the realization of wishes (Part I: Rhythmology),
• making correction (part II: Rhythm),
• creating an event and getting the results (part III: Rhythmics)!

Ritmomeasures will help anyone who chooses to use them!


"Love is one of the few states that every person dreams about. Parent's love for the child, the child's love for the parents, the love of the man and the woman. And how does this feeling come about? What hidden opportunities does it contain? And most importantly, how to save love for many years?
The Rhythmomeasure "Love. Pleasure" will allow you to feel this wonderful feeling and tell you how to enter into a harmonious interaction between such non-like creatures - men and women."
- Evdokia Luchezarnova -


The program Rhythmomeasures “Love. Pleasure“ consists of three parts:

• Part I (Rhythmology): it’s designed to understand Ritmomeasures “Love“ topic from a time perspective,
• Part II (Rhythm): is designed to make corrections,
• Part III (Rhythmics): is designed to create the "Pleasure" event in a seminar participants lives.

• Each part of the program takes 2 - 2.5 hours.
• After each part, follows 2 - 3 days break to collect life signs on this topic and to master the Ritmomeasure material in practice.
• After Part III (Rhythmics) participants of Rhythmomeasure monitor their own signs and changes for the period of one week and after it they discuss about it with rhythmologist Irina Kolarzh and receive recommendations for further work with themselves.

The result of the Rhythmomeasures is obviously seen within 6 months.


• the program is held online via Skype with rhythmologist Irina Kolarzh and organizer,
• the rhythmologist interacts in Russian and Rhythmomeasures organizer translates it into English, the Rhythmic material is available in Russian with English titles.
• time of each session: is tailored according to a participant (or a group of participants).

Rhythmomeasures gives 100% results for participants regardless of whether everything is understood or not.


"While I'm on the planet Earth, of course, that I had to watch many love stories. And seemingly intelligent people who are easy to navigate in any topic - tend to debate, philosophize, analyze, except for the subject of love ..."
- Evdokia Luchezarnova -


After Rhytmomeasure “Love. Pleasure” as a result you will receive:

• Love clot. The Love clot will fill you with non-atomic energy and with information that's without a conflict. Love will become your natural state when dealing with people.
• Pleasure. After the Rhythmomeasure you will experience the state of enjoyment of life.Your events will be filled with joy and harmony.
• Harmonious relationships. You will experience harmony with your loved ones. Your family and kinship relationships will be filled with love and mutual understanding.
• Guaranteed result. The time you get during the Rhythmomeasure will give you the opportunity to direct your life in the direction of love and happiness.


• venue: online (ZOOM platform),
• duration: 2,5 hours x 3 meetings + 0,5 hour x 1 meeting,
• date & time: the date and time of each meeting is agreed with the client individually,
• language: Russian with simultaneous translation into English.


"I always thought love was more of a subject of a male-female relationship. Well. It is not! It turns out, that you need to love people in general, and then it's easier to live that way. While I was living Rhytmomeasure, I felt that this pressure that I often had towards other was gone. I learned how to just embrace love inside of me and became love for others. And all the inaccuracies, hard feelings, and grudges will go away. I know that the cleaner my thoughts and thoughts about others are and the more I care about others, the more sincere relationship I am going to have."

"While living the Love Rhythmomeasure, I remembered some events from my past. When I was 4 years old, my dad and my mom had a falling out, and I had this feeling of loss, I felt abandoned. My mother gave me these feelings. Now, I am 40 years old, and these feelings manifested themselves in cardiac pain and I had a preliminary diagnosis of heart failure. After living the Love Rhythmomeasure, the heart pain went away, and the feeling of fear of loss left. I admire these living books and a "reviving" method so much."

What is time and how to use it for human life improvement? Discussion about Rhythmology.

How programs rhythmomeasures can improve your life?

Would you like to experience a state of love & a pleasure it gives? Rhythmomeasure "Love. Pleasure".

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