Is it difficult to negotiate with customers for a higher price of your services?
Get acquainted with the laws of money and highlight your equivalent!


• have difficulties in negotiating with customers due to higher prices for their services,
• want to get acquainted with the laws of money from the perspective of Ritmomethod 7P0 (from time perspective),
• want to find out and highlight to others their money equivalent and who seek to increase their self-worth in the money field.


This course offers insights into the essence of money circulation as a phenomenon.

During the course participants will receive answers to such questions:

• what axioms should not be forgotten, so that incomes exceed the costs,
• what element inside your body is responsible for regulating cash flow,
• how to redistribute work resources as much as possible,
• in what kind of energy packet sphere a seminar participant has to have his / hers work or business activity so that the amount of money will always grow.

During the course participants:

• will see obstacles and understand the causes that cause problems in this area of life,
• equivalent would be highlighted.


It is said that human desires are infinite and many problems are simply not solved. The pain of betrayal, the constant lie, the constant struggle of good and evil … How often do we have to face the fact and say “Human factor, such is life ...".

Ritmomeasures is 31 solved problem and 31 fulfilled desire, thanks to just three steps:

• highlighting of the causes of the problem and obstacles to the realization of wishes (Part I: Rhythmology),
• making correction (part II: Rhythm),
• creating an event and getting the results (part III: Rhythmics)!

Ritmomeasures will help anyone who chooses to use them!


"Rythmomeasures "Money. Equivalent” allows a person to know himself, to enter the time equivalent, to quickly highlight the value of his brain and his activity, to evaluate and easily discuss with other people how much his own services cost."
- Evdokia Luchezarnova


Rhythmomeasures gives 100% results for participants regardless of whether everything is understood or not.

• the program is held online via Skype with rhythmologist Irina Kolarzh and organizer,
• the rhythmologist interacts in Russian and Rhythmomeasures organizer translates it into English, the Rhythmic material is available in Russian with English titles.
• time of each session: is tailored according to a participant (or a group of participants).


The program Rhythmomeasures “Money. Equivalent“ consists of three parts:

• Part I (Rhythmology): it’s designed to understand Ritmomeasures “Money. Equivalent” topic from a time perspective,
• Part II (Rhythm): is designed to make corrections,
• Part III (Rhythmics): is designed to create the "Equivalent" event in a seminar participants lives.

The result of the Rhythmomeasures is obviously seen within 6 months.

• Each part of the program takes 2 - 2.5 hours.
• After each part, follows 2 - 3 days break to collect life signs on this topic and to master the Ritmomeasure material in practice.
• After Part III (Rhythmics) participants of Rhythmomeasure monitor their own signs and changes for the period of one week and after it they discuss about it with rhythmologist Irina Kolarzh and receive recommendations for further work with themselves.


"Money is the energy that has been able to not distribute in information and became a space."
- Evdokia Luchezarnova -


On the Rhytmomeasures “Money. Equivalent” you will learn:

• How to properly distribute your money. The law of 3:7.
• How to exchange your talent for money.
• Each person has a leading chemical trace element, knowing it can make it easier to get close to your "money river". Determine your entry into cash flows!
• Seven levels of energy density on the planet Earth. Where is your position among the spheres?
• Feel your inherent energy level and benefit from this knowledge so that the amount of money always grows!

The Rhythmomeasures score is measured by:

• increase in cash flow,
• unexpectedly received valuable services,
• an extra care from the people around you and their love for you,
• an increase in personal self-esteem,
• the bright Rhythmological insights received.


• analyze your life from the perspective of money turnover phenomenon,
• look at the money from different angles,
• get acquainted with methodologies and tips on how to deliberately and effectively orient among money.


“The wiser is a creature, the greater it’s intelligence the more money the nature has prepared for it.”
- Evdokia Luchezarnova -


• venue: online (ZOOM platform),
• duration: 2,5 hours x 3 meetings + 0,5 hour x 1 meeting,
• date & time: the date and time of each meeting is agreed with the client individually,
• language: Russian with simultaneous translation into English.


“Since I’ve received this Rhythmomeasures program as a gift, there were no doubts about using it. (Recalling my previous participation in the Rhythmomeasures program "State Structure. Working capacity” - there were many doubts! The lack of a wider and more precise explanation of what it is, who needs it and what changes to expected and because such program and method were new to me - uncertainty has raised distrust and fear…). So, after Rythmomeasures "Money. Equivalent” I clearly understood how much I can, how much I’m worth and what should I do about it! Never before I thought about my equivalent, i.e. how much I’m worth in money expression for this day. At the time of Rhytmomesures program, there was a perception that I need to invest in myself constantly, i.e. here and now and not only in the future. By perceiving clearly my current value and feeling my potential, it became clear to me that there is no need to dream unreasonably, but I need to work with myself and to move in the direction towards the desired results. Ritmomeasures program reminded me that my personal time is the most expensive! I recommend this program for a person who is concerned about own equivalent and money issues!”

"Many things has changed after Rhythmomeasure “Money. Equivallent”. I understood what actually is important to me. I became more aware of money flow and how it comes to and why I'm losing it. It showed me my behaviour and attitude which stopped me from attracting and keeping money in my account. And what surprised me most is that I was able to make more money in same month when I was doing this program. Recommending it to everyone who has any questions about money and life value. It brings you awareness about your behaviour and attitude."

What is time and how to use it for human life improvement? Discussion about Rhythmology.

How programs rhythmomeasures can improve your life?

How to highlight and increase personal value in the world of money? "Money. Equivalent"

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