Are you dreaming of your own business but lack of an idea that suits you and you really like it?
Get guidelines for profitable and competitive business!


• professionals, managers, executives working in the business and public sectors who are “looking for themselves” and dreaming of their own business, as well as those who have lost their jobs and decided to work for themselves but don’t know what to do or have an idea but lack authenticity of it or lack of courage him(her)self.
• entrepreneurs and “artisans” who have been or may be affected by the effects of the economic crisis (bankrupt, declining turnover and no growth prospects) and who need new niches.
• entrepreneurs who intend to open a new type of activity or launch new innovative products and services from scratch and whose solutions lack authenticity, originality or competitiveness testing.


For those who:

• want to do something, but does not know what – to provide guidelines for the idea of activity (business, start-up), suitable for the individual character.
• has an idea, but it lacks authenticity, exclusivity or an idea owner has doubts about the competitiveness of the idea – to help assess the competitiveness of persons business idea and improve it, or to offer another business niche that suits that persons individual character.


The result of the consultative seminar “Financial Pregnancy and the Birth of a Profitable Business” is the specific framework of the activities, which is determined by the data of the customer's character, available customer's experience and education, i.e. which will be convenient for the seminar's participant and, most importantly, productive and profitable.
My task is to identify and help the client to understand how to get the most out of himself / herself in the most suitable activities for the client's character, where he / she will feel comfortable and where he / she will fit and enjoy. In order for a person not to stray from his / hers optimal path of professional self-realization, these activity frameworks must be clearly defined. Usually people themselves don’t know these boundaries, and I can help with that.
- Mark Lutsin -


• Individual analysis of participants’ phenotypological characteristics.
• Analysis of existing resources and directions. Recommendations on where to move (in a professional sense).
• Elements of “Strong Thinking Technology”:
– S-curve and verification of the competitiveness of the selected business activity,
– Systematic thinking and the main function of the system (product, service, business),
– MATCHEM or quick search for resources (including free ones).
• Formulation of an individual business niche for each participant:
– for those who do not have their own idea, a proposal of what and how it will be profitable to engage in,
– for those who have their own idea – checking the competitiveness of the idea and improving it.
Individual recommendations for each participant.


After the seminar, if the seminar participant needs:

• Mark Lutsin (separate fee) can create a detailed concept (prototype) of a profitable, competitive, non-standard specific product / service / start-up / business.
• Possible attraction of financial investments required for product / service / start-up / business development.


Financial pregnancy and the birth of profit from everything around us.
This seminar is the intellectual capital that will provide insurance for all cases of life. Such “insurance policy” is needed for crisis situations involving both personal and social, political, military, epidemiological and other circumstances. This insurance policy will guarantee not only the possibility of survival, but also a profitable lifestyle for the insured in any type of society, in any system and in any country.
– Mark Lutsin –


Participants will gain:

• the belief that in any crisis or force majeure, one can find direction and resources.
• certain professional algorithms and tools for implementing their business plans.
• the ability to search and find resources (including hidden and free) for the implementation of their new line of business.
• the ability to properly determine the rationality and profitability of the chosen business activity.
• analysis of personal psychological and genetic resources and their suitability for certain activities.
• individual personal recommendations on the choice of a niche or direction of business activities, and how to develop properly in the chosen field of activity.


• seminar venue: online (ZOOM platform),
• duration: 2 x 1/2 days (2 x 3.5 hours) + 30 min. support meeting,
• time: coordinated individually with registered participants,
• group size: 1-3 participants,
• language: Russian with simultaneous translation into English.

N.B. Copying of the seminar by means of photo, video and audio is prohibited.

What is Phenotypology?

Choice of profession, compatibility of partners. What is the basis of Phenotypological analysis?

What is and for whom is dedicated "Strong Thinking Technology"?

Service "Profitable products creation"

Profitable innovative products creation


"The decision to participate in the consultative seminar “Financial Pregnancy and the Birth of a Profitable Business” was made spontaneously, already knowing a little about the competence of Mark Lutsin, and after assessing the whole situation in my life that affects this moment, i.e. due to quarantine, pandemics, uncertainty about the future and the maturing need for a fundamental change of career. The recommendations of the seminar organizer Giedrius also influenced me about the opportunity to get to know myself during the seminar and to critically assess the situation and opportunities. What did I get useful? I have structurally assessed my ability to find a solution and received recommendations on what tools to use in certain situations, i.e. to my individual, circumstances. Also I've memorized Mark Lutsin’s personal recommendations that will help me to achieve my goals and to get rid of self-stealing and wasting time. It was useful: 1) to identify my personality as a subject, 2) to formulate a direction and goals that were right for me, based on my character traits and my situation, and 3) to make recommendations for “more sober” self-esteem. I would recommend this consultative seminar to those who are organically in a state of search for what to do, and for those who can be attributed to individuals who are idea driven personalities and who need to set a professional - business direction. I think this seminar is focused on small and medium business owners and CEO's."

"The only doubt as to whether it was worth attending the seminar "Financial Pregnancy and the Birth of a Profitable Business" was the question "Do I Really Need It?". During the seminar, I received confirmation that the activities I envisioned are both good and right for me. I also received a tool to test the effectiveness of my future market actions and received specific advice on how to innovatively enter an already competitive market with a new product or new direction. It has come to my knowledge that even with a product of my choice that seems overcrowded in the market, there are many options for innovating to meet the new challenges that will arise for me. Before the seminar, I went through the fact that I may not have enough character strength to create a large company, but Mark Lutsin told me what character features I have and how I can achieve the desired results and how to get around my weaknesses, i.e. how to accurately plan the creation and development of a company to get me the result I want. Other important things I learned during the seminar: 1) how to choose the right advertising, 2) how to accurately analyze the market, 3) how to discover / improve an existing product that the consumer needs. I really enjoyed the seminar, I still walk and discuss everything in my mind. I didn’t expect it to be so good, so simple and so clear. I would recommend this seminar to both those who are just thinking about starting a business and those who already have it but want to freshen up. This workshop, i.e. Mark Lutsin’s non-standard approach and expertise in creating innovation will help open the door, i.e. when it seems to you that there are no other options anymore, i.e. everything has been thought through and tested, Mark Lutsin will pleasantly surprise you!"

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    Giedrius Svetkauskas
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