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• for people who want to get to know themselves better and the other person with whom they plan to connect their family - marriage life, and who want to know in advance what threats, unpleasantness, inconsistencies await, and what will be positive in the relationship between two people, how to communicate with another person, what to expect and what not to expect, and who might be the "parasite" and who the "donor" in the couple, and how the exchange will go,
• couples of spouses or people living together who have problems in their relationship and want to understand why conflicts arise, how compatible they really are, whether it is worth separating or continuing the relationship and looking for common points of contact, and what not to expect from the other person, because she/he will not be able to give it,
• for people whose children have found their life partners and are in a state of "narcosis" (love) and are unable to objectively assess the situation, and parents have certain suspicions, doubts or apprehensions about their child's choice in the long term, and want to know what their life will be like to make certain decisions to protect the family,
• for people who want to understand whether their chosen person for a relationship will be a good father/mother to their future children together (or for children from another marriage).


• help the client(s) to better understand themselves and their current or future relationships with another person and to make rational, not emotional, choices.


• Mark Lutsin's and Nelli Orlovskaya's phenotyological couple compatibility consultation is a very quick and accurate determination of a couple's natural characters, analytical identification of possible combinations of relationship scenarios based on genetic data, and more than 30 years of consulting experience in career, children's education, couple compatibility, personnel selection, security, etc. questions.
• During the consultation, Mark Lutsin's author's patented technology - Phenotypology is used.


Write a message to Giedrius Svetkauskas, the popularizer of phenotypology and the organizer of Mark Lutsin's seminars, via social networks or by e-mail (be sure to attach your photo) and learn 5 your character traits for free!

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""To continue living together or to separate?" and "Are we compatible?" are the most common questions asked during consultations.
When it comes to analyzing compatibility with a particular man, it is important for many women: will life with this person be secure and stable? Will he be a reliable partner in the long run? Will he be a good father (especially if the woman has children from another marriage)? Is he someone I can rely on and trust? Sometimes women worry, "Is my husband too prone to engage in criminal activities?" And almost all women are interested in whether their man will be faithful to them. And also, how infantile is the potential partner, or is their husband not a swindler - "alphonse" - "freeloader" (tends to live at the expense of another person), who knows how to beautifully "hang noodles" on their ears?
Pragmatic questions are often important for self-confident career men, i.e. how much is it "worth it" to be with this woman, i.e. will the union be beneficial and will it not hinder him? For the "broken" (robbed during divorce, deceived and experienced infidelity on the part of the woman), a very important question is how faithful and devoted the woman will be to him, will she not be a "bitch"? Will she not marry him just for some benefit, but actually she will live a false - hypocritical life with him? Or is she a predator who wants to "devour" him?
During the consultation, we analyze the genetic compatibility of a woman and a man and explain who is the winner in this couple. We also explain the complementarity of the genetics of one person and the other, and both the pluses and minuses that may appear later, and how to make pluses out of minuses, and how to preserve these pluses and further strengthen and multiply them. It is also important for the client to understand how both people and their characters will change over time, and how the relationship between the two will change. Which aspects will progress and which will weaken. To what extent do the partners strengthen or weaken each other? What is the perspective of the couple in terms of their development and the direction of their genetics, since there may be completely different genetic programs.
For women, we will answer what data the man of their choice has, how hardworking he can be and, accordingly, how efficient he is in making a profit, and how much he will be able to take care of a woman and children, what is his level of sexuality, and how predictable his behavior will be, and whether there are any problems , related to the psyche, including whether he is insane.
For men, we will answer whether the woman they choose can strengthen him, whether she will help him grow both in his career and in business, or whether she will simply sit and hang on his neck sexually, materially and spiritually, and be a parasite at his expense. For men with increased sexuality, we will answer how important sex is to their woman and what his perspective is with her on this matter."
- Mark Lutsin -


• you will learn the phenotypological (genetic character + environmental influence) characteristics of yourself and the person with whom you want to know the level of compatibility,
• clear knowledge of what to expect from the other person and what that person will not give you (or will give little) because it is not in his/her character, and what to do about it,
• how comfortable it will be to live with the person of your choice,
• what threats lurked in the couple in the long term,
• who will lead in the couple, whose commercial sense is better, whether there are paternal/maternal instincts, etc.
• valuable, interesting and very accurate information.


Write a message to Giedrius Svetkauskas, the popularizer of phenotypology and the organizer of Mark Lutsin's seminars, via social networks or by e-mail (be sure to attach your photo) and learn 5 your character traits for free!

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• Location: ZOOM platform (on-line).
• Consultation date and time: the consultation takes place at a convenient time for the clients and experts (agreed by the organizer).
• Duration of consultations: depending on the chosen option (see price offers).
• Language: English (i.e. as the experts speak only Russian, the consultation is translated simultaneously into English (ZOOM: 2 separate channels)).

N.B. Copying of the consultation by video and audio is prohibited.


"It was necessary to put together the points for the end of the existing relationship or to find out what is going wrong in this relationship of mine, because it raised big questions for me that I could not answer myself. I ordered a character compatibility consultation by Mark Lutsin. A big and pleasant surprise was when a consultation was arranged with Mark, and I also received a consultation from Nelli Orlovskaya. Both experts helped me get to know myself and my previous partner, and the genetic (in)compatibility of our characters and the (dis)benefit of continuing the relationship. Everything was very simple and all within a few minutes. I am glad that we have such great professionals and the opportunity to turn to them. Unreal!!! I will definitely recommend it to my friends and family when they need it. Thank you!"

What is Phenotypology?

What is the difference between phenotypology and physiognomics or so called face reading?

Does Phenotypology has a scientific validation?

Why do people order Phenotypological express consultations?

Choice of profession, compatibility of partners. What is the basis of Phenotypological analysis?

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