Problematic relationship with the child? What field of activity will be enjoyed by your teenager and will be rational in terms of commercial benefits?
Talk to phenotypologists Mark Lutsin & Nelli Orlovskaya!


Parents who want to learn more about:
• the genetic character of their child / adolescent,
• the most appropriate fields of study according to the genetic character of the child / adolescent,
• the most suitable and commercially rational activities (and professions) according to the genetic character of the child / adolescent,
• for parents who have any problems or difficulties with the child's / adolescent's upbringing or child / adolescent's behaviour, and who need solutions to steer the child / adolescent towards positive / rational development.
who want to know further possible options for the development of the character of the child / adolescent and the results achieved.


• to acquaint parents and the child / adolescent with the genetic character of the child / adolescent,
• inform what cannot be done to the child / adolescent so as not to damage their character (safety technique),
• identify the most natural and commercially rational fields of activity (and possible professions) for the child / adolescent,
• identify guidelines for lifestyle choices based on the specifics of the child's / adolescent's character,
• consult on how to address problematic issues and difficulties related to the education of the child / adolescent, problematic aspects of the child-parent / adolescent-parent relationship, etc.


• Phenotypological express consultation for children (starting from 3 years) or adolescents and their parents by Mark Lutsin and his long-term colleague Nelli Vachterova-Orlovskaya is a very quick and accurate identification of a natural person's character and more than 30 years of experience in career counselling, couple compatibility, personnel selection, personnel security, etc.
• During the consultation, Mark Lutsin's author's patented technology - Phenotypology is used.


Write a message to Giedrius Svetkauskas, the popularizer of phenotypology and the organizer of Mark Lutsin's seminars, via social networks or by e-mail (be sure to attach a photo of your child) and learn 5 character traits of your child for free!

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• Genetic character of the child / adolescent is identified and the resulting logical conclusions on what are the most rational development options for the child / adolescent, i.e. what needs to be done about the development of the child's / adolescent's character and what should not be done, are made.
• Possible mistakes in the upbringing of a child / adolescent that need to be addressed are named. The following useful things will be mentioned:
- Safety techniques in the education of a child / adolescent,
- Grown up child / adolescent will know what to look out for in their life.
• Parents are told what things should be checked to make sure if they are true or not (for example, a teenage girl is characterised as being highly sexual, and she tells her parents she was going to the library for 3 hours to study. Parents will have the opportunity to check which "library" she actually goes to…),
• The most suitable fields of study according to the genetic character of the child / adolescent are identified,
• The most appropriate fields of activities and professions according to the genetic character of the child / adolescent, as well as the most appropriate lifestyle, are identified,
• Options for solving parent-child / parent-adolescent problems or child’s / adolescent’s own problems are suggested,
• Advice on how to build the child's / adolescent's character and optimize their education so that the result would be great for the child / adolescent as they grow up.


• A field of activity that is appropriate for a particular person is a wide-ranging direction that is valuable and advisable to know in order to make the right choice of education.
• A profession is a very specific, narrow range of activities.
• There can be many professions in one field of activity.

Examples of fields of activities and professions:

Example 1:

• Field of activity: it is suitable and recommended for the person to work in mechanics.
• Possible professions: military aviation mechanic, civil aviation mechanic, jeweller, watchmaker, etc.

Example 2:

• Field of activity: it is suitable and recommended for the person to work with animals.
• Possible professions: veterinarian, trainer, tamer in circus, animal rights fund manager, animal breeder, animal painter, etc.

Example 3:

• Field of activity: it is suitable and recommended for a person to work in the field of culture, e.g. with children.
• Possible professions: organizer of events for children, sound director at a children's theatre, etc.

• A profession is like an apple when a tree (child) has already grown.
• When the tree (child) is still small, it needs to choose its growth direction (activity) and take into account other nuances, i.e. care must be taken to ensure that the apple (child) does not freeze, perhaps it (child) needs to be transplanted into a more favourable environment, and so on. The apple tree (child) needs to be shaped so that it (child) will would grow up and give a great harvest (the child will grow up healthy, active, capable of taking care of them and the parents in old age).
• If mistakes are made in the process of growing and forming an apple (child), grown up apple tree (child) will no longer be easily transplanted. Proper time will be lost and the harvest will not always be as good as expected.

The profession is phenotypologically selected for a specific period. When analysing a young child, it is not the profession but the field of activity (a profession can be precised if the child's character is very specific or when there is not much freedom to choose something (thus determined by genetic character) to be both financially beneficial and enjoyable).

• The choice of profession is also influenced by life circumstances that are not phenotypologically predictable. Example:
- A girl with a strong, domineering and commercially pragmatic character is brought to the consultation. Parents are advised, as one possible option, to develop the girl in the direction of the business, i.e. to grow a strong businesswoman.
- Over time, as the girl grows, the following situation occurs in her life: a girl at the age of 17 falls in love with a rich 30-year-old businessman living in Monaco. Being 17 years old, she gives birth to the first child, then the second (such things are not phenotypologically predicted when looking at a little girl). In such living conditions, she can be a happy housewife, i. e. play the role of the wife of a rich man. And in her free time, she will engage in activities she enjoys.
• As life (life circumstances) is constantly changing, so can the profession.

Profession, i.e. what a person will earn money for is being chosen for a specific period of life, based on character data, a specific life situation (skills, education, depending on health condition), a specific place of residence and the situation dictated by it (for example, if the person lives in Lithuania, Norway, England or the US, it gives different possibilities), based on available resources (including financial: for example, if a person needs to retrain, do they have sufficient financial resources: 1) to study, 2) or may allow themselves not to work for a certain period of time, i.e. not to receive income until they acquire new profession, etc.)) and so on.


"After the consultation, parents will understand how their child's behaviour was and is influenced by specific that child's genetics (phenotype) and what is the consequence of upbringing.
Parents will also learn the most common mistakes that must not be made (because it's not rational to grow a predator as a herbivore and vice versa) while raising their child with a specific character. If there are brothers and / or sisters in the family, parents will clearly understand what are the main differences in their characters and why different children of the same family cannot be brought up in the same way. Parents will learn what are the main threats to their child’s upbringing based on child’s genetic parameters, i.e. what in particular can be problematic and risky: propensity for suicide, propensity for criminal activity, propensity for creative activity, weakness of the nervous system, lack of masculinity (for boys) or femininity (for girls) and determination, level of genetic intelligence.
During the consultation the fields of activity of interest to the child, appropriate to his / hers genetic character, taking into account the possibilities of the parents and the rationality of that activity in terms of commercial benefit will be identified."
- Mark Lutsin -


• You will learn about the natural character of your child / adolescent and how to develop it so that it would give a "profit" both to the child / adolescent and their parents.
• You will learn what you should not do about your child’s character so as not to spoil it or develop damaging qualities.
• We will help you to find out what fields of study are most suitable for your child / adolescent according to their natural characteristics.
• We will help you to find out what are the most suitable and commercially rational fields of activities (and professions) for your child / adolescent according to their natural characteristics.
• We will answer your questions on how to resolve difficulties or issues with your child's behaviour / character.


Write a message to Giedrius Svetkauskas, the popularizer of phenotypology and the organizer of Mark Lutsin's seminars, via social networks or by e-mail (be sure to attach a photo of your child) and learn 5 character traits of your child for free!

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• Location: ZOOM platform (on-line).
• Consultation date and time: the consultation takes place at a convenient time for the clients and experts (agreed by the organizer).
• Duration of consultations: depending on the chosen option (see price offers).
• Language: English (i.e. as the experts speak only Russian, the consultation is translated simultaneously into English (ZOOM: 2 separate channels)).

N.B. Copying of the consultation by video and audio is prohibited.


"My daughter liked and enjoyed the consultation by Mark Lutsin and Nelli Orlovskaya! In fact, it gave her self-confidence because in some areas my daughter had already written off herself. I think she has a new attitude and a desire to look for another activity 🙂 Of course, it is always surprising when a person who does not know you describes you so accurately, which is why strong trust arises.”

“What was most memorable during the consultation was that when Mark listed the characteristics of our children, we got the impression that he knew them from birth. The benefit of this consultation is that a very clear goal is formed and now we simply have to choose the way to achieve it. It has also become clear how to communicate and collaborate with the son and after the consultation the relationship is already improving and his efforts are quite different. So we are moving forward. We are happy that we've learned so much new and realized something we didn't want to see. It was very interesting and useful.”

“Thank you very much for the opportunity to contact Mark Lutsin and hear his insights about my son. Unsurprisingly, this person communicates by creating a close connection and it feels like we are old friends 🙂 The meeting was useful, it encouraged my son to learn, increased his motivation to pursue his goal. Of course, I have also heard minor notes, but I see a determination to pursue the goal and I believe that my son will follow his own path. Nelli's remark about a strong mother (I raise my son alone) and the likelihood that his life partner will be the same was very accurate. I hope that my son will make a wise choice and have a smart and loving partner, but here my influence will be minimal :)”

“Shortened consultation was very interesting. I wanted to learn what Mark Lutsin could say about my son from the photos. I may not have learned a lot of new things about my child during the consultation, but M. Lutsin, when he first saw my son in the photos, organised the information about him in a very interesting way. The most important thing I got was the realization that I wanted and required my son to have a clear daily discipline, a structured plan of activities, so he would be like all “normal people”! During those 15 minutes Mark explained to me, and I myself had suspected this before, that the nature of my son was different, peculiar. And that his passion for extreme sports (sailing, snowboarding), which sometimes annoys me, is necessary for him. After the consultation I retold the information to my son, we had fun discussing the results :).”

“I really didn’t expect to learn so much about my kids in such a short time 🙂 It was interesting, curious, sometimes unexpected, but helpful.”

“To be honest, I didn’t learn anything very new. Just Mark Lutsin has just confirmed what I always thought and how I valued my children. I am very happy about that. My husband might have been more shocked. I really liked M. Lutsin's insights about our daughter, the indication of compatible nationalities and the very accurate assessment of Lithuanians (maybe there was Islam in Lithuania). She has to live with that directly - especially when looking for a job. Her male colleagues entrepreneurs are afraid of her and see her as a strong competitor. Foreign employers can hardly believe that a young lady can successfully lead a team, even though she already has experience in it… Since the first performances of Mark Lutsin in Lithuania, I respect and appreciate him.”

“We had some doubts before booking a consultation by Mark Lutsin and Nelli Orlovskaya for our daughter, we were afraid that something could be said to the child that would frame her thinking. However, we decided to order a phenotypological consultation and benefited from it. 80% of what we heard from experts, we thought the same way. Another 20%, i.e. what we didn’t know or emphasized less, helped us to articulate more clearly what we felt and thought, so the consultation only confirmed our suspicions. We have seen some aspects from a different angle, we have something to think about and work on. It was also valuable to learn that something what was obvious to me personally was not self-evident to my child, so we were very pleased that our daughter had heard certain things from Mark and Nelli, for example, that she has a talent for art, design, and so on. I have already recommended this consultation to 2 people, and we had a lot of discussions on this topic in the family after the consultation.”

“Before booking Mark Lutsin's phenotypological consultation on the nature of my child and related issues, I had the following doubts: 1) first of all, the cost of the consultation was high, 2) as I am not familiar with the field myself, it was doubtful whether I would receive any useful information or only general information that could be suitable for any adult or child, i.e. I was afraid I would get a “copy-paste” consultation. The age of my child, right before the 5th grade, is the age when a lot of important questions are being raised, both when choosing an educational institution and after-school activities, so I ordered a shortened consultation. During those 30 minutes: 1) I got clarity on where to move on, 2) my self-confidence, as mother’s, was boosted 3) I realised that the consultation of Mark Lutsin and Nelli Orlovskaya was a real help and that it is always possible to address them again and it will give result. The most memorable thing is the consultants themselves, especially Mark, it’s a great pleasure to interact with such an open person. And the fact that despite the short time of the consultation, I realized that Mark could discuss "overnight" :). I already recommend the consultation to my friends!”

“My husband and I think that the consultation with Mark Lutsin and Nelli Orlovskaya was useful to us, and we learned another, side opinion about our son. The most memorable thing was that everything was told exactly as it is what we feel and see in our children. It was also helpful that we learned where should we direct our children and how to communicate with them, how to learn to communicate. Everything was very informative. We’d like to have more time so we don’t have to rush, so next time we’d better agrees to pay more to have a longer consultation time.”

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