Customers often resist and you can’t manage the situation?
Master phenotypological influencing techniques and complete sales by 70% faster!


• sales managers and for sales department employess,
• network marketing (MLM) representatives.


• to become skilled in recognizing the inherent character traits of customers (using Mark Lutsin’s Phenotypology) and no longer make elementary mistakes in selling,
• to teach effective sales techniques that influence a client at reflex level.


Methodology of phenotypology – customer analysis

• Will – the cornerstone of the negotiations.
• Compensatory behavioral mechanisms of people whose will is weak.
• Buyers who have been genetically programmed for sudden and strong resistance under any pressure.

Methodology for working with “tough” buyers

• Practical methods for working with “Customers -Fortresses”.
• Manipulation techniques: “kitten” ir “anti kitten”.

Methodology of Phenotype Analysis

• Predatory rudiments of man.
• How to predict customer loyalty level.
• Fists or brains – defensive reactions of buyers with different genetic psychophysical parameters.
• Use of different genetic psychophysical mechanisms in sales and communication.
• Choice of language for communication.
• Choosing the most appropriate – intellectual or sensual – instrumentation, with the aim of stimulating the buyer’s interest & willingness to buy.
• Detection of increased sensitivity.
• How to diagnose whether the buyer is genetically more inclined to be proactive or conservative?
• Targeted practical use of knowledge about maniacs in the sales process, as well as the deliberate use of subordinates with maniac features for company purposes.

Methodology of Phenotype Analysis

• Indicators of pragmatic world perception, propensity for commerce.
• Fast methods and techniques for identifying useful and useless buyers: “Seller – trainer”, “Psychological Aikido” or instant neutralization of a partner, “Nail Forging” in the customer’s head technology.
• Second human locator or sensory generator.
• Slowness, tact, thoughtfulness.
• Working with slower behavior and sensual clients.
• Specificity, speed of reactions, possible indelicacy.
• Typical mistakes in working with clients.
• Phenotype of a provoker.
• Temperament.
• Pedantry, inclination to accuracy, “woodpecker syndrome”; small secrets on how to negotiate or sell for “boring people”.
• Nervous system parameters. “A Man – Detonator”. Security measures.
• Training on the aforementioned topics.

Methodology for working with “special” customers

• Techniques: intimate sight technique, saying of suitable compliments, “TAO strike down” or oratorial methods of “Fuhrers” of commerce, religion, network marketing and politics.

Methodology for working with “frightening” customers

• Techniques for those who lose their self-control (Know-how): “Cheburashka”, “Fish breathing”, “Pill to avoid fear”, “Green soap”, “White bathrobe”, emancipation training “Gopher – Cattaur”.

Methodology for working with “nasty” customers

• Techniques: “Transcript of Genial Idiots Thoughts”, “MANOK” – practice of slaughter used by intelligent tigers and hunters, programming clients and partners for psychological dependence on you (not NLP), responsibility for the ones we have tamed, fire method, technology for producing the right friends and customers.


• you will understand how to effectively influence a particular person according to his or her physiological uniqueness,
• you will learn effective influencing techniques.


• venue: venue chosen by a customer,
• duration: 2 days,
• seminar time: 9:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. (GMT/UTC+3 / time in Vilnius, Lithuania),
• seminar language: Russian with synchronous translation into English.

N.B. Phenotypology – an author technology of Mr. Mark Lutsin which has an international patent protection.

• Each participant at the beginning of the seminar signs a licensing agreement. By this agreement Mr. Mark Lutsin transfers technology of phenotypology to the participant of the seminar only for personal and commercial use:
– without the right to benefit from this technology commercially,
– without the right to transfer technology (without the right to teach) to third parties,
– without the right to harm others through the use of this technology.
• Those, who intend to become teachers of phenotypology must get a special training and a licence from Mr. Mark Lutsin. Currently licences are not issued.

N.B. Copying of the seminar by photo, video and audio is prohibited.
Notebook for writing is provided.


Mark Lutsin, the technology and style he teaches, impresses me, so there was almost no doubt about the seminar. I’ve hesitated a bit will I be able to master the influence techniques, taught by Mark and Nelli, but they were very understandable, earthly and practically applicable. This seminar will be a perfect instrument for advanced sales professionals who need to eliminate the customer’s human factor – to control the client’s resistance caused by the seller him/herself from simple ignorance of the client’s character, how (s)he makes decisions and who unsettles him/her. The techniques received during the seminar help me to manage the discussion, avoid resistance reactions and save half the time spent on negotiations.

After Mark Lutsin’s and Nelli Orlovskaya seminar “Without Mask: Advantage in Selling” you will get unique techniques for communicating with customers so that the client “hears” you and the message you send. The most commonly offered sales trainings on the market are outdated and are no longer working because they are offered to everyone and most of them already known to everybody. But such highly effective and efficient methodologies of Mark Lutsin and Nelli Orlovskaya will not be met at all. I recommend!

Event Detail

Date: to be agreed individually. Contact us now!


Giedrius Svetkauskas
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