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Get to know the "secrets" of HR management for managers!


• for business owners and managers, who have an HR manager in their company and who want to:
– know themselves how to select an HR manager and to know what to demand from him (her),
– not to surrender all authority to the HR manager and not to leave the process of HR management on its own,
– learn how to find an HR manager who will make a profit (will be profit oriented).
• for business owners and executives who do not have an HR manager in their company and who themselves perform the HR function:
– to be aware of all the nuances of personnel management.
• for company HR managers and specialists:
– who wish to become the real right hand of the owner.


to provide knowledge and tools that would enable seminar participants to:

• properly identify the firm’s weaknesses and pathological processes,
• properly identify weaknesses in a particular person and his (hers) job function,
• improve performance and productivity for the benefit of the firm through staff function improvement,
• learn to pre-empt problematic aspects of the company related to the human factor, such as corporate provocations, criminal, industrial espionage, waste of money, resources and profits, not identified on time too low competence of employees.


• Anatomy of a company as of a developing organism.
• Pathological processes interfering with the normal growth of a company.
• Company as a complex social system.
• Functional node conveyor technology.
• Systemic approach to the company.
• System development stages: S-law.
• Systemic approach to employees.
• Stages of employee development.
• The main function of the systems:
– “cleaner”,
– “accountant”,
– “IT specialist”,
– “personnel specialist”,
– “director”.
• Analytical work features when checking candidates “at the entrance”.
• Certification of already working professionals.
• X, Y, Z, F generation of employees: problems, features, motivations, management.
• The loyalty of key chains. A few tips for interviewing.
• Potential criminal acts: preconditions for their formation and identification.
• Author tests to check the strength, work ability, carefulness, creativity, logic, etc. of employees.
• Rapid phenotypological diagnostics of a few (selective) participants in the seminar (Performs the author of the phenotypology Mark Lutsin).
• Exam / control work.


During personnel audit I use not only tools related to the staffing field, but also analytical and multifunctional tools that are not normally used by CEO’s and staffing personnel in their daily work. It’s not only a diagnosis of weak features in a person, but also diagnostics of the job function itself, a systematic approach to the company and to the situation and the development of specific solutions. It’s a pity that both in large and small firms CEO’s and staffing specialists do not have the right tools and make similar mistakes. During the seminar I’ll be happy to share my “secrets” that I’ve accumulated during my more than 20 years of experience.
– Nelli Orlovskaya –


• N. Orlovskaya is leading workshops on topics “Diversional Functional Analysis”, “Personnel Security” and a workshop with Mark Lutsin “Without mask: advantage in selling”, where she is teaching methods of customer influencing.
• Specifics in consulting business with Mark Lutsin: during the business auditing process Nelli helps to solve organizational, marketing, technical or personnel related tasks (for instance: how to stop the theft in a company, how to stop inner conflicts among departmets, how to stop intrigues, how to fire a person in a nice way from a job, etc. Nelli does a work that requires conctant innovative solutions)


Seminar participant’s broader understanding and mastering of specific tools to:

• identify weaknesses and pathological processes in the firm,
• identify weaknesses in a particular person and in his (hers) job function,
• understand the causes of potential criminal activities in the workplace and the ability to identify them.


• increased companies profitability as a natural consequence of solving problematic aspects,
• increased competence in staff selection / testing,
• new knowledge bag for HR specialist / manager and new resources for HR work,
• increased opportunities and increased image of participants as HR professionals.


• venue: online (ZOOM platform),
• duration: 1 day,
• seminar time: 10:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. (GMT/UTC+3 / time in Vilnius, Lithuania),
• seminar language: Russian with synchronous translation into English.

N.B. Copying of the seminar by photo, video and audio is prohibited.


Nelli Orlovskaya seemed to be a very interesting person, so I had no doubts about attending her seminar and I was impatient to hear her attitude and insights on personnel management. I knew that this seminar would give me a unique experience and knowledge that other lecturers are not able to deliver and I was looking forward to this non-traditional seminar. And in fact, during the seminar there were many valuable moments and every advice seemed as a “raisin on a pie”! Particularly useful were specific, practical tips. I would recommend a seminar “Security in the Field of Personnel” for anyone who is looking for a different, exclusive knowledge and experience!

Nelli Orlovskaya – long-term partner of Mark Lucin (an author of phenotypology). She is working with customer personnel and orgaizational complex management solutions in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Ukraine, etc. I reccomend her insights and experience in the field of personnel security.

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Seminar "Security in the field of personnel"


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