Recovery of Personal Power


Most of the time, people look for strength and power when they encounter some events that are contrary to their plans, i.e., when a person is hindered by the “universe”, certain events, or people, i.e., when something goes wrong. A person plans one thing, but the opposite results are obtained.

Most people do not even suspect what a huge charge of strength and power they have, because it is covered with hundreds of layers of their own thoughts about the world, their fears, certain perceptions and everything that has nothing to do with the real world, however, for the person himself/herself it is the basis, through which he/she evaluates life.

When a person has a challenge worthy of his/hers potential, the question arises of where to get the strength to realize it. Dissatisfaction with current results in business and personal life is a great moment to get to know your strength that is naturally in each of us; to understand what is holding you back from your own power; what needs to be done to take your power into your own hands, i.e., so it begins to work for you.

Where to start? First of all, it is worth looking at what a person spends his/her strength on and how much of it he/she does have left.


Diplomated psychologist, certified coach of the Transurfing School of St. Petersburg, developer and host of transformational programs, author of the series of programs “Effective Life System”.

All I talk about with clients are the results they want and how to achieve them. I help eliminate all the nuances, on which the customers, who turn to me, dissipate their strength, i.e. I help them see the things they do not need and do out of habit. People are influenced by certain patterns, certain thoughts, certain fears. Eliminating these limiting factors and increasing concentration increases the speed of achieving the results of clients.

Since 2006, Jurij works with business companies as an external consultant, providing consulting on personnel efficiency. Companies hire Jurij Micharev to create an effective culture of interaction between employees. Some of the clients he advises make into the top ten lists of global companies in their fields.

“Viva persona” has been cooperating with Yuri Mikharev since 2011 and has organized such seminars as “Money Flow According to You”, “Reality Management”, “Inner Power”, “System Fracture: Awakening”, “Inborn Intelligence in Business”, “The Day That Will Determine the Year”. A total of 24 seminars.


The power is not something we create, but something that each of us has by default, and where we waste that power on a daily basis is another question. The power can be compared to a laser analogy: when a simple light bulb is on, its light is diffused. Laser light is another level of power. From a physics perspective, it seemingly is the same light, but you can cut metal with a laser. Power is a different concept for everyone. For some, power is the ability to say “No” to others, when he/she could not resist the influence of others for thousands of times. For a trained martial artist, power can be to hold back and not get into a street fight after having done it thousands of times. For each person, the concept of personal power is an individual story.

A powerful engine is inside each of us. It can be named anything, e.g., it is possible to put a sacred meaning and say that God lives somewhere deep inside the human consciousness or there is a point where we connect with him. Each of us has this power deep inside, but very often this core is hidden under various mental and emotional layers, e.g., under feelings of fear, shame or guilt. However, this force, this core is what makes us open our eyes, look out the window every morning. It is a certain energy charge that circulates within us. Each of us has physical, mental and spiritual strength, and a person can achieve a lot by concentrating it.

We need the concept of power and its analysis when we are striving for certain goals, but we do not achieve them or we do not achieve them to the extent we want.

A person has certain declared goals that he/she thinks about, shares with others, but does not achieve. However, the person also fails to see that he/she has a goal that he/she always achieves, i.e., a “goal” to which he/she actually directs her/his energy, and then simply makes excuses to himself/herself and others as to why he/she is not getting what he/she declares.

In order to change something, you need to take responsibility for the results that already exist.
- Yuri Mikharev -

A person who declares his/her goals, but does not achieve them, creates one and the same result, but does not see what result he/she keeps recreating. I am not saying it is bad. I am just saying that if there is a real intention and desire to control your reality, then it is time to open your eyes and see what the person is really doing and what he/she thinks he/she is doing. Often, confronting your own behaviour is the scariest confrontation. To avoid this, a person has certain thoughts on the matter, certain excuses. And there is a real, actual outcome in his/her life that he/she does not want to face. It seems like a person fragments certain things and starts to justify them by saying to himself/herself or others that “It is like that, because... . And it is like this, because... . Such circumstances are to blame.”. These are mind games to justify and not change anything.

When we push a person to see the reality that he/she creates, at the same time, we give him/her a key – the person gets a chance to direct his/her energy, which he/she was wasting, to the goals he/she wants to realize.

“Deep inside the Soul, there is no difference between you and God, because we are one. Intention management is the understanding that there is no such difference. The most important thing is that you feel that there is no such difference and believe that you can do anything. However, to achieve that point of connection, which is hidden from you under thousands of layers of mental, emotional and other patterns of behaviour, behavioural habits, is a path worth going through.
You = intention = God.
All that separates you from it is your own beliefs and disbelief that it is possible.”
- Yuri Mikharev -


We get what we put our energy into. To see where we are wasting energy, we need to identify that pattern of behaviour. This is a complicated story.
- Yuri Mikharev -

In order to regain your inborn power, first of all, one must turn off all destructive behavioural patterns that are present in a particular person’s life. This is one of the most important moments in regaining personal power. Just monitor what causes destruction in your life, your business, e.g., certain people, certain relationships, certain company culture, i.e., when you feel that it does not suit you, that it eats your energy up, but you keep postponing decisions, because changes are painful. Most of the time, people hope that it will work itself out.

Pattern of behaviour is a biological process. At that time, a person has a certain blood pressure, there is a certain hormonal background, which is constantly reproduced subconsciously, and the person falls into a state that I call a “dream” during the manifestation of that pattern. “Dream” in reality, i.e., when the person sees certain circumstances through a certain prism.
- Yuri Mikharev -

When a person realizes that certain thoughts in his/her head are not his/her own, he/she has a chance (not a 100% guarantee!) to jump out of the pattern that prevents the realization of goals, which means that this way one gets closer to opportunities for real management of the results he/she is aiming for.

Conditionally, the process of power recovering looks like this:
1. layer of certain foreign – destructive – thoughts is removed,
2. a certain layer of the emotional behavioural pattern is removed, i.e. certain emotional or biochemical experiences experienced in certain situations, which are restored subconsciously by themselves in the human body,
3. we reach the “point of pitilessness toward ourselves”.
Only then there is a chance to tap into the possibility of controlling your reality.

As a rule, all people's talk about “Freedom of Choice” is just a talk, because people do not choose anything. Depending on what rails they were put on, so do they live.
- Yuri Mikharev -


In the case of a business situation, when there is some unsolvable situation, it exists only because there are people involved in that situation and they see the situation differently, i.e., they are influenced by their own stories (imagination). The situation is complicated by the fact that people do not want to spoil relations with each other. We have a conflict. That conflict is hidden. It is boiling. The problem is not moving (or is being solved slowly) and will not be solved until the management team sees what is really going on.

An effective leader is a leader who a) sees narrow areas, b) knows how to expand them.
- Yuri Mikharev -

Each team member, especially the top-level team, must have a clear vision of the company, i.e., what is their top priority. When I work with the management team and show what behavioural patterns each one is prone to, and after that, the priority of the company is named, then the management team pulls each other out of the ineffective behavioural patterns, and the conflicts between the employees of the company become constructive, the efficiency strongly increases.

We often want to avoid conflict, but conflict is an inevitable part of our lives. Conflict is what helps us grow. Body and spirit are created to fight, to move, to get out of our comfort zone. Humans are not created to only live pleasantly. People are created for an interesting life, full of challenges, problems and the search for their solutions.

When managers regain their power, then they realize that work and home are not separate things, they are parts of the same life, i.e., at work they are like at home. After realizing this, the team starts to invest themselves 100% into the work, because they start to believe that they can do something, cooperation begins.

How to transform the words about the mission of the company into the feeling that an employee is charged by while working in the company? How can you not look at the bike, but ride it? That is what I do when I work with business clients.
- Yuri Mikharev -


February27, 2024


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