Mark Lutsin

Mark Lutsin

Innovator & author of Phenotypology


Mark Lutsin is a very interesting man, who has a great deep knowledge in the fields of physiology, biology, and ethology. Besides his main specialization Mark works in the following fields as well: development of innovations, analysis of decision-making, methods on strategic project implementation, business consultation, negotiations, staff audit and recruitment and other staff management issues, various type of analysis.


In 1991, Mark Lutsin graduated from Department of Biology, Ecology, Cynology, Hunting, Physiology and Ethology at Moscow State University. During his studies, Mark explored mammal Phenotype, the subject of “Ethnic Phenotype and Character”. He graduated with cum laude. Based on his final thesis he patented Phenotype technology, and was invited to continue post-graduate studies. Mark Lutsin is now widely known author of phenotypology. His technology now enjoys legal protection in the US, Estonia and Russia.

In 1991–2007, Mark studied and developed custom methods of algorithmic cogitation in case of social, political and crisis situations, antiterrorist technologies, he was interested in the algorithms of artificial intellect, technological inventions applicable at home and their patent.

Mark Lutsin regularly arranges Phenotype based trainings and consultations in the fields of staff recruitment and audit. He conducts seminars for business people on topics of Phenotype and Strong Thinking (negotiation strategy, sales technology, efficient advertising, development of public relations, dealing with complex tasks and situations, consultations). Yet his priority has always been the development of innovative solutions.

Mark has headed Department of Technology at RESULTAT Analytical Centre since 1998; he is chief expert on staff safety issues in the centre. Mark is also the manager of a technical Division of HANSAINVENTOR, Centre of Innovation and representative to Estonia of International Association TRIZ (creative tasks solution theory).

Mark Lutsin has conducted training for over 4,000 managers, businessmen, politicians in Baltic States, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Italy, Switzerland and Germany. Employees of the following companies have used his knowledge in staff protection and employee selection: MTU Avatud Vabariik, Nautilius, GOLDWELL, KGGF, IPSC, TNT, INTEL Department Europe, GAZPROM, Austria TABAK, HANSPERT, ASBIS, TORN, HANSAPANK, SECURITAS, and Estonian Police Department etc.

Mark is also interested in custom made firearms, practical self-applicable medicine methods in extreme situations, restoration of antique string instruments; he also plays electric and acoustic violin, collects pipes, short blade blank weapons, and he is fond of ethnographic trips and individual night hunt.