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Looking for a medium where you can engage intellectually with other smart and active people?
Visit the lodge "Big brains", learn a lot of new things, satisfy your hunger for intellectual communication!

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• who want to listen to the thoughts of innovation creator Mark Lutsin and improve their abilities to think innovatively, competitively, profitably,
• who want to talk to other intelligent people, to be listened to, to be heard, and to find like-minded people,
• who just want to listen to other smart people and have a great intellectual time at a meeting of smart people.


• to introduce modern, efficient, innovative and profitable ways of solving problems, and to expand the competence of the participants of the lodge through the main topic of the meeting chosen for the meeting,
• provide innovative and effective solutions to the problems that the lodge participants present before the meeting,
• create an environment for intellectual communication, new acquaintances with smart people,
• "load" the participants of the lodge with clarity, which is "radiated" by the innovator and author of phenotypology Mark Lutsin, and create a feeling, based on practical examples, that problems and dissatisfaction factors can be solved beautifully, competently, innovatively and profitably.


• introduction to the main topic of the specific meeting of the "Big Brain" lodge, its problems and a discussion on this topic between the participants and the algorithm expert in the lodge,
• solutions to the questions (problems) to be solved by the participants (preferably - presented before the lodge meeting) (everyone who wants to speak participates),
• duration of the "Big Brain" lodge meeting: 2-2.5 hours.


• Topic: "Fascism as a phenomenon: contemporary trends in society and its practical application in business."

• Issues:
- Terminology, origin, stereotypes of democracy and fascism.
- Why do fascist regimes and modern trends of fascism periodically appear in the Western world.
- Fascism in business: methods and results: discipline vs. relationships and a good microclimate in the organization. What is more important?

• Benefits for participants:
- understanding how fascism is re-expressing itself in the modern western world and how to accept it.
- formation of skills on how to move through the understanding of the topic to application in business (fascism as a business management technology).


"Smart people have a need to talk to others, also "with brains" and who want to solve problems beautifully, competently and efficiently. People also have a need to communicate with people who want to create a smart and perfect environment.
You can live well only among those who live well.
Each of us creates the world around us, each of us is a part of the world. The more these particles become more perfect, more intelligent, the easier it will be for all of us to create a more perfect and healthy world.
We invite you to Big Brain Lodge meetings if you want to live in a more beautiful world than it is now."
- Mark Lutsin -


• new "Strong Thinking" skills,
• expanded awareness and erudition in the main topic of the lodge meeting,
• getting to know the problems brought by other people, as well as possible solutions,
• participation in solving other people's problems and the resulting sense of usefulness,
• innovative and effective solution options for the problems presented by you,
• new acquaintances with smart people,
• a fantastic and rewarding time spent.
• thinking is profitable / useful!


• location: ZOOM platform,
• time: from 6:30 p.m. until 8:30 p.m.
• language: English (Russian with simultaneous translation into English).

N.B. Photo, video, audio copying of the lodge meeting is prohibited.


"Although I have already participated in more than one seminar of Mark Lutsin, the cost and time of the meeting raised doubts about participating in the educational event of the "Big Brains" lodge, but I decided to participate anyway. I liked the thoughts and examples of Mark Lutsin on the subject of bionic thinking: I noted a few thoughts about the collective portrait / equivalent in the world of animals and insects around us and, accordingly, about the different principle of leading such a collective. The following were also useful: 1) the variety of situations presented by Mark Lutsin, 2) the demonstration of applying the analogical method to different situations, 3) the practice of analyzing real situations without preconceived notions. I also liked the discretion during the event, i.e. option not to mention specific company names or people's names. It was interesting to listen to other participants' stories and analyze them." Daiva

"Participation in the meeting of the "Big Brain" lodge was useful, I thank the organizer Giedrius for the invitation. I liked how Mark Lutsin explained the theory, and how he analyzed the case I presented and what solutions he gave. I will try to use it. It was also interesting to hear other people's problems, points of view, solutions. I would recommend these meetings to the advanced ie. for mature people to participate in this type of meetings". Paulius

"After seeing the announcement of the meeting of the "Big Brain" lodge, I became interested, but the price turned out to be high, so I wondered if it was worth it. I participated and I liked it. Loved how Mark Lutsin summarized any issue: both the main topic of the lodge meeting and the issue raised by the participant. He did it in such a way that it became clear to everyone where the point was. It was a lesson for me in how to ask questions. Mark Lutsin has a unique ability to look at problems from a different angle. I realized that I want to attend M. Lutsin's seminar "Strong Thinking Technology" even more. Participating in the lodge meeting and the discussions that took place in it also raised my self-esteem to a higher level. It was interesting. I really like to learn, and learning by participating with everyone is the most correct way, because after reading the theory, everything connects together in a network. I would recommend lodge meetings to those who think for themselves. For those who are determined, have a goal in life and are not afraid to take responsibility for their actions. In other words, only for "alpha persons". Valdone

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December 16, 2023 6:30 pm
December 16, 2023 8:30 pm


Giedrius Svetkauskas
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